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Brooke has returned to her bandage dress thing from last season, although this one is strapless and makes her boobs look HUUUUUGE! It's sweeps! Got to get those ratings. The couples come down the stairs and Derek nearly wipes out. I have been waiting for YEARS for someone to tumble down those stairs and it hasn't happened yet.

Each couple has to do two dances tonight, and William and Cheryl are first. They got a perfect score last week (undeserved, in my opinion) and this week they have the samba and the tango. And that tango is first, to "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurhythmics. Well, it's intense. I still don't get William, though. He's a good dancer, but I don't see greatness. His frame is good. His facial expressions are fine, although in this routine, I felt like I could see him thinking about the next steps instead of falling into the dance. I noticed that Cheryl did a lot of little flicks and kicks and William did none. I think Cheryl is just SO good at choreographing to her partner's strengths that you don't notice that all William is really doing is walking around. Walking in a complicated fashion, to be sure, but walking. I'm sure the judges will fall all over themselves, though.

Judges? Len says he's really excited about the semifinals, and he loved this dance. He mentions wanting a tighter hold and crisper movement, but he really liked it. Bruno goes on for a few minutes in his usual sexual metaphor. I like Bruno, but his shtick is getting a little old. Anyway, he liked it too. Carrie Ann thought his lines and angles were gorgeous, but she has some tiny nitpicks. The audience boos, but Carrie Ann says she's just giving constructive criticism to help them in the finals. I don't really see how giving criticism specific to this routine helps in the finals. Shouldn't she give more general dance criticism? Like telling him he over-rotated on a turn doesn't really help. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 10.

Last week, Katherine's tearaway pants got caught on her leg, but she managed to pull through. This week, she has the quickstep and the salsa, and reveals that she's thinking about revealing her belly, which she never would have done in the first week. But their quickstep is up first. It's all flapper style, although the music is very '40s, so that's a mismatch. Katherine does a great quickstep; she's light on her feet, enthusiastic, and graceful. I think this was the type of dance she was made for. I still hate Mark's overdancing and guppy faces, but Katherine looked great.

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