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Season 14 Performance 8: Results

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Brooke and Tom come out and set out the stakes for tonight: two couples are going home. No dance duel, no second chance, just straight-up elimination the way that God intended it. But first! Len has to tell us who will be dancing the encore. Weirdly, Len has chosen Donald's three-way jive, which I thought was one of the best of the night and way underscored. I mean, that middle section with the side-by-side kicks and flicks was flawless last night and it's nearly flawless tonight. And it may look like Donald's not doing much while the girls dance, but he's moving the entire time. I don't get why they got lower scores.

Time for some results. Donald and Peta were disappointed with their scores for the jive, as they should have been. And Donald blames himself. Don't blame yourself! You were awesome! Blame Len and Bruno. Katherine and Mark got some of their lowest scores of the season last night. During their trio, Katherine's pant leg didn't come off as planned and Mark thanked Tristan for saving it. And yet they still got really high scores, which shocked them as much as anyone.

So Donald and Peta, Katherine and Mark, are they in jeopardy? Donald and Peta are safe but Katherine and Mark are in jeopardy. I think Katherine is a great dancer, but I would not be that upset if they go home because they are boring.

DanceCenter. It used to be the highlight of my season but someone must have told them to tone down because it's gone from roast-like jokes to gentle ribbing. Oh my God, these jokes are terrible. TERRIBLE. Like when Kenny wonders why there are always Disney kids on the show and then cut to Len and Jerry wearing Mickey Mouse ears. And then there's footage of Len in a Speedo. You guys, what just happened? Please hire new writers.

Chris Brown is on to perform. I'm not a fan. I'm not going to write anymore except to say that this guy is on this show A LOT.

Brooke is backstage with Katherine and Mark, Roshon and Chelsie, and William and Cheryl. Katherine says she's not ready to go home but she's happy to have made it this far. Mark adds a dig at the judges for calling Katherine off-balance because he doesn't think she was. Roshon babbles something lame about how "it is what it is." William says that their perfect score doesn't mean anything, because it's up to the fans.

Next up for results are William and Cheryl. I still don't get the perfect score for their foxtrot. Roshon and Chelsie did so well that Tom told him he was "the new comeback kid." When Roshon left last night, his grandmother guaranteed he'd get through.

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