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Katherine looks amazing in a gold fringe-y dress and big hair. They got a nearly perfect score last week, and they have the samba this week to "Can't Get Next To You." Katherine is trying to get used to the bent knees and the bouncing, and she seems to have a good handle on it. This song rules. Mark is back to his trademark over-dancing. I mean, he's ridiculous. It's like all of the restraint that he's shown thus far this season has been exploded and all of his natural hamminess has come out. I can barely concentrate on Katherine because of his theatrics. Anyway, Katherine looks great but it doesn't seem very samba-like to me. She is RIGHT on the beat, though. Maybe a little bit flingy with the arms, but otherwise very good. I just didn't like the choreography.

Judges? Len calls her "the midwife" because she delivers week after week. Bruno loved the bounce and the funk. Carrie Ann loved how Katherine let it loose and got funky and groovy. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 10. Glad they didn't get a perfect score, because that was not a perfect routine.

Donald and Peta got high marks from everyone but Len last week. Donald was upset, and expressed it. Donald is excited to hear that the Temptations will be there singing while he dances the foxtrot. Peta really hammers him on technique so that he can get a high score from Len. Mmm. Donald was doing pretty well in his routine, maybe not 10 material, but definitely a 9. And then he slipped right in front of the judges' stand and nearly dropped Peta on her back. But he didn't! And he got right back into it and finished strong! He's obviously disappointed in himself, though. That stinks.

Judges? Bruno loves Donald's showman persona, and his performances get better and better. Carrie Ann loves how they blended Motown and the formal hold. Len says that he thought Donald was going to come out and show some fireworks, but he didn't. Pause. He EXPLODED! Donald falls on the floor with joy. Len instructs Peta to work Donald harder because he's got great talent, and this routine didn't show it off. I agree. I think if Donald were partnered with Cheryl or Anna, he'd be scoring higher. No offense to Peta but she's still new to the show and doesn't have it down yet. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. For a dance with a major screw-up, that's pretty good.

Melissa is still on this show? I kind of forgot about her. This week, they have the Viennese waltz and Maks gets really frustrated with her in rehearsals. We don't really see enough footage to tell if Maks is being an asshole or Melissa isn't working hard enough. But Melissa says that Maks is pushing her to do more and he isn't being mean. I guess that's what some people need and respond well to. It wouldn't work for me because I would just get pissed and shut down. Anyway, they are dancing to "Ooh Baby Baby." Man, Smokey's voice isn't the same, but it's still really great. I can't get over Melissa's facial expression while she's dancing. She's kind of making that Miley Cyrus duck face from Facebook photos. It looks like she's in pain. Shouldn't she be smiling? And look like she's in love with her partner? Isn't she an actress, ostensibly? Her technique is just okay; I think she's just not that graceful. She goes through the motions but it's just that, going through the motions.

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