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Season 14 Performance 6

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Take a Good Look at Smokey's Face – Wait, Don't.

It's Motown Week! And before we even introduce the couples, we're going to hear a performance from Mr. Smokey Robinson. Ooh, what will he sing? I'm betting it's not my favorite of his songs, "Ooh, Baby Baby." Nope, they went with "Tracks of My Tears." Oh, dear. It seems that Smokey had his fillers and Botox refreshed before this performance, and it makes the line, "Take a good look at my face" all the more depressing. I don't want to take a good look at his face because it scares me. Nothing but his lips are moving. And then cut to Martha Reeves, who sings, "Dancing in the Streets" but her boob is dancing right out of her dress and I can see her nipple. CUT AWAY! Why do they keep cutting back to her and her areola. Martha is also squeezed into some industrial-strength foundation garments. Cut to the Temptations, who are singing, "Get Ready." I wonder if those are the original Temptations or some sort of amalgam of one real Temptation and a bunch of Johnny-come-latelys. I will say this: all three performances sounded pretty good. And they were actually singing.

For some reason when they are introducing the couples, they don't show Donald and Peta. Director error or is something else going on? Tom gives us a quick primer on Motown, for those who don't know.

But let's get right to the dancing and start with Gladys Knight and Tristan's rumba. Gladys looks fantastic in a purple dress. In their clip package, Gladys gives Tristan a little history lesson on Motown and the Temptations, since she's dancing to "My Girl." She reveals that her band used to play the Temptations in softball, and she was the pitcher. God, someone should make a miniseries about that. And THEN, Gladys calls her brother Bubba, the original Pip, and he gives Tristan some dance moves. He is THE BEST. I want him to be on the show every week.

Aw, Gladys looks so happy dancing to this music. I love her. She does great in the opening, when they do some Motown-style moves. Once they go into hold, she somehow loses it. She loses her hip action and she appears unsure. It's really weird, because at the end when they break apart, she gets back into it. It's like she doesn't enjoy dancing in hold, and she doesn't put her all into it. The routine was very charming, and parts were the best Gladys has been, but then other parts were not so great. Judges? Len says if he were judging by heart, she would top the leaderboard. While she's not the best dancer, he thinks she's the most charismatic. Bruno thought the Motown details were spot on, but he likes his rumba a little steamier. Carrie Ann thinks tonight should belong to Gladys, but there were some forgetful moments even as she had great hip action. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7. I think viewers might call in for her.

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