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Season 14 Performance 5: Results

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So out of these three couples, Roshon and Chelsie are safe. Hmm, not what I expected. That means Gavin and Karina and Jaleel and Kym are the bottom two and will be in the Dance Duel. Again, I smell producer interference. Doesn't it make sense that they would want someone who was a LOT better than Gavin than someone who was slightly better? Okay, I need to stop with the conspiracy theories. I'm sure it's all on the up and up. Jaleel vows to stay and Gavin says he knew he'd be in the duel, and they practiced for it, but he thinks Jaleel is a better dancer.

While they prepare, we get to see how they rehearsed. After last night's scores, Gavin and Karina went straight into rehearsals for their cha cha. Meanwhile, Jaleel and Kym started rehearsing at 8:30 this morning. Gavin seems pretty pessimistic and Jaleel seems pretty optimistic.

Time for the dance duel. They show it in split screen, which helps, but it's still really difficult to watch both dances. I mean, if I were really dedicated, I guess I could watch it twice, watching each couple one time all the way through. But the judges don't get to watch it twice, so I won't either. Also, I'm lazy. Anyway, Gavin's dance starts off horrible, like he's just knee-walking paso doble style and then standing there while Karina dances. Meanwhile, Jaleel is dancing his fool head off. Gavin actually improves in the second half, and has some great hip action that I didn't know he had in him! Jaleel gets a bit sloppy but overall, Jaleel is clearly the better dancer. I mean, he was actually doing a cha cha, albeit a messy one. I don't know what Gavin was doing. It's his time to go. Let's see if the judges agree with me.

Tom is trying to keep things in line after the dances end, but Gavin is running around hugging everyone because he knows he's going home. The judges need to make it official. Carrie Ann says that Jaleel had strong technique and Gavin was good in hold. Damning with faint praise. Len commends them for learning a dance so quickly and giving it their all. He loves Gavin's energy, and Jaleel had great rhythm. Bruno thought Gavin showed improvement and had some good shapes, while Jaleel was fantastic overall. The judges now have to vote live, and they all vote for Jaleel and Kym, obviously.

So Gavin and Karina are going home. The rest of the pros watching on the sidelines are all looking at each other like, "This is some bullshit." Seriously, they look pissed off. I wish we knew whether or not Gavin would have gone home in a traditional elimination or not. Gavin hugs the judges before heading out to take his final dance with Karina but he can't get any dancing in because everyone wants to hug him goodbye.

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