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Season 14 Performance 5: Results

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It's Train. That's all I have to say about that. Well, just this. Someone I follow tweeted today, "My love for you went viral" from this new Train song and I thought they were making something up that would probably be in a cheesy Train song. Nope. It's an actual lyric in the song. Also, Louis is back to dance with Cheryl. Glad to see Louis getting the work. I wish they would ditch Val and bring back Louis as a pro.

Brooke is backstage with William, Gavin, and Roshon. William says his ankle is okay, and if he has to dance tonight, he'll be fine. Gavin is pretty much expecting to be in the bottom two, and hoping for a miracle. Roshon says he's ready for the dance duel, but he doesn't want to do it.

Sheila E. is on hand to drum while some pros dance. Not the show's troupe or anything. Just some random dancers. Y'all, Sheila E is 55 years old. She looks FANTASTIC. I need to take up the drums. She looks about 40, tops. And I only guessed that old because I remember her having hits in the 1980s. And being Arsenio Hall's house bandleader. Anyway, whatever work she's had done or supplements she's taking, she needs to bottle and sell it.

Another musical performance. Selena Gomez. Is she the one that's dating Justin Beiber? I think she is. I don't know who is dancing while she's singing, but it's not the pro troupe. Seriously, why do they have the troupe? They never use them, we don't know anything about them as individuals, and they're not interesting.

Finally, some actual results! Donald and Peta did an amazing dance last night, although Len liked the lifts better than the rest of the dancing. Peta was really mad about Len's score. Donald was at first, but he got over it. Mark admitted he wasn't wearing a cup despite the damage Katherine caused in rehearsals. Cheryl urged William to fight through his pain and not show it on his face. Knowing he had a torn tendon in his ankle, I'm more impressed with his dance. I mean, his scores shouldn't have been higher or anything, but it is pretty impressive.

So are any of these couple in the bottom two? William and Cheryl are safe. Katherine and Mark are safe. Donald and Peta are safe. Wait, who's left? Roshon, Gavin, and Jaleel. So two of them are the bottom two. I'm guessing Gavin and Roshon, but we'll find out.

Before we do find out, we have to review last night's performances. Kym told Jaleel to act like a tiger, and he kind of did. That was good direction. Roshon was signing autographs right before going on the floor. I think he needs a little more focus. Gavin knew he screwed up the routine and apologized to Karina, and after the dance, Karina said that they needed to prepare for the duel, due to their low scores.

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