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Season 14, Performance 4: Results

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Sherri Baby

We see more footage from the Vegas show. Carson is the host of this, and looks pretty great in a showgirl headdress. Joey Fatone is in the audience, but isn't dancing because of some bullshit excuse about being busy. Like anyone's buying that.

Back from the commercial, the cast of Dancing With the Stars: Live in Las Vegas is on stage, showing off what they'll be doing. Lots of jumps and backflips, apparently. Speaking of Lacey, she's there, but is back to the dark hair. Sabrina Bryand and Kyle Massey seem to be the biggest "celebrities" here. Otherwise it is a lot of professional dancers (including Dmitry), and Joey Fatone when he isn't too "busy."

More backstage footage from last night, Val had to give Sherri a pep talk halfway through her dance. But she's hoping she's there. Len gets a hug from Cheryl before she goes on to dance. Cheryl says that everything went wrong, and she looks really sad. Katherine and Mark got lost on their way to the stage. How long has Mark been doing this now? Katherine is safe, and she freaks the hell out and hits an operatic note in celebration. William and Sherri have to wait until after the break to find out who is in the bottom two. Unsurprisingly, it's Sherri. William's got a crazy enthusiastic fan base behind him.

It's time for eliminations, so I guess the dance-off business between the bottom two is Kim's problem, as it starts next week. But still, why do they make them walk up and down so many stairs on this show? Is there not enough square footage to just shoot on one level? Tom talks to the couples, but walks off when Sherri starts getting emotional. Roshon thought he was safe, but he was wrong. Len says he's surprised by these results, but doesn't say who he'd have put there instead. Sherri and Val are eliminated. She's immediately crying, and ignores Brooke who wants to talk to her. Finally she gets it together and says thank you to the show for letting her live out her dream, and credits Val for being an amazing partner. Val apologizes for letting her down. It's almost touching... as far as these eliminations go.

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