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Season 14, Performance 4: Results

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KISS opens the show with "Lick It Up." Did they film this last night, or did they really have nothing better to do for two nights that be on this show? That seems like an awful lot of effort for a few minutes of screen time. We do see the judges dancing around in different outfits, but they could have changed yesterday and still taped it. The pros come out and perform along with the band. It's forgettable and certainly not as entertaining as last night's stripper performance.

Tom welcomes us to the live show, and KISS is behind him, so I suppose it is happening tonight. They really are that desperate to plug their tour. And Dancing with the Stars is just happy to keep up with the whole Rock gimmick.

We see footage of Gavin from last night, with Karina shouting directions at him the whole time. Gavin tells Karina that he's proud they did this ambitious routine, and Carrie Ann gives Bruno flak for being the one with the low score. Shortly after Maks fell on his ass, he apologized to Melissa, and she tells him that she got hit in the head by his leg during the whole kerfuffle. She's rushed downstairs, put on oxygen and lays down under the watchful eye of Gene Simmons and some medical professionals. It's the strangest image I've seen in a while.

Back to tonight, we find out that Melissa's got a concussion and isn't coming out for the reveal. Maria is the freaking walking wounded and she still danced last night, but Melissa can't come out and stand on stage for two minutes? Wuss. We also learn that Maks injured his arm (but he brushes it off). Maks credits Gavin for grabbing Melissa and carrying her down the stairs. Maks says that a very sedated Melissa is just hoping to continue. Melissa and Maks are safe, and Maks is still wearing those too tight pants (not that I'm complaining). Gavin and Karina are also safe. Gavin looks like his hat might pop off he's so excited. Tom promises more big surprises, and the "shock of the season"... all of four weeks in.

Len picks Donald and Peta for the first encore of the season. I forgot about this extra added unnecessary padding. It seems that Peta looks even more like Lacey tonight with all of heavy makeup and her ultra blonde hair. I almost always have to do a double take when I see her. I think Peta's a better choreographer though, so I'm happy that Lacey is off doing whatever that weird stage show thing she's busying herself with. Tom says that they are two people with a total of three percent body fat. That's a big juxtaposition to The Biggest Loser that I just watched before this. I don't imagine that Donald or Peta eat many cheeseburgers bathed in mayonnaise with a peanut butter chaser.

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