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Season 14 Performance 3: Results

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Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

A guest dance troupe performs. They're pretty awesome but it's filler. What I love is a guest horn section that really rocks. I wish they played with the band every week. Also, I'm pretty sure at one point they are playing the Love Boat theme. And there's lots of waka waka guitars, which I enjoy.

Rascal Flatts. I see this band once a year when they perform on this show and the singer looks a little bigger every year. But he always has the same hairstyle. And maybe the same shirt. Tony and some lady probably from the troupe are on hand to do (what else?) a rumba. There are a lot of lifts that they probably should have practiced a few more times because they look kind of awkward. They do a pretty great lift at the end where Tony holds the lady up with one hand and she has her leg extended upwards. That's kind of amazing. And Tony totally benchpresses her with one hand. And she's not a tiny lady either.

More results! Sherri did some bad facial acting for her son, but her kid looked happy, so I guess that's fine. Sherri totally broke down after their dance and couldn't even walk up to talk to Brooke. Everyone hugged Sherri afterwards. Donald got emotional while listening to the clip package before his routine, and I'm surprised he danced as well as he did. Jack was rehearsing backstage right before he went on and I find that so endearing somehow. He wants to do so well! And he's not great! But he's trying. Afterwards, Jack told Anna that she looked great. He's sweet. Melissa was totally relaxed before her routine and she had a ton of fun during her dance. She's got the right attitude. Just happy to be there, and she and Maks seem to actually get along.

So who's safe and who's in jeopardy from this group? Melissa and Donald are safe, but Jack and Anna are in jeopardy. Aw, just when I started rooting for him. Well, at least now I have a horse in this race.

So Jack and Anna, Gavin and Karina, and Gladys and Tristan are at the top of the stairs, waiting to hear which two couples have to descend to the bottom to find out who's going home. Tom says that the safe couple is Gladys and Tristan! Yay! For both Gladys and Tristan. Tom reveals that Jack and Anna and Gavin and Karina are the actual bottom two. I guess now that they'll be revealing this every week, they don't mind revealing that information. Gavin notes that this is his second week in a row on the bottom but he kind of expected it. Jack admits that he's nervous now, and he feels very grateful to work with Anna and be able to dance for his mystery daughter. So who's going home? Jack and Anna. Wow, I didn't really expect that.

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