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Season 14 Performance 3: Results

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Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Anna and her husband Jonathan are dancing tonight for a professional dancer named Julia, a friend of theirs, who has lung cancer. Stage Four. Eesh. She admits that she probably doesn't have long to live, due to her diagnosis, and she can't dance anymore. Jonathan says that Julia is inspiring in how she's living her life despite her illness, and Anna says that they'll be dancing a waltz tonight inspired by Julia's life. And here it is. Anna is such a beautiful dancer. Really, really lovely. And one thing I love about Jonathan's dancing, and something I think he shares with Louis and Tristan (and maybe Tony a bit), is that he showcases his female partner instead of drawing attention to himself. Maks, Val, Mark, and Derek are showy and flashy and tend to pull focus from the women they partner. Jonathan doesn't. He's strong and graceful, but he's the anchor.

Next round of results. Gladys wanted to show the judges that she knows how to hold a frame. And she did! Tristan is very sweet with her. Jaleel said he was feeling loose, and he seemed confident throughout. After the routine, Jaleel cried when talking about his old characters (you know, Urkel) and said he doesn't normally revisit them but this was a tribute. To Urkel. Let's be clear. He wasn't performing a tribute to, like, Sam Malone or some other great, layered past sitcom character. Anyway. William got Bruno's attention and was psyched about it, and Cheryl ripped open his shirt in the confessional which cracked me up.

Which of these three are safe and who's in jeopardy? The production screws up and plays the wrong music sting at first. Jaleel and William are safe, and Gladys and Tristan are in jeopardy.

Brooke is backstage with Jack, Donald, Sherri, and Melissa and their partners. Jack says he's not nervous tonight but Anna says that she is. Donald says he's relieved to be finished with his dance but he's nervous. Sherri says she's dehydrated from all the crying so she's ready to rock it out next week. Melissa had a lot of fun. Brooke has something exciting! An envelope with the name of one couple who's safe for next week! Why would they ever let Brooke do something that's not part of their usual routine? She can't handle it! She clumsily opens the envelope while trying to hold onto her mike (why not give her a lapel mike or something) and announces that Sherri and Val are safe. Sherri freaks out and Maks grabs Melissa to protect her from the flying weave. Sigh.

Wait, they're changing something else! Starting next week and for the next three weeks, the bottom two couples will dance simultaneously for the judges, who will decide who goes home. WHAT? That is so, so dumb and really goes against the idea that the public gets to vote. Why have the public vote at all? Also, dancing simultaneously never goes well. I am against this idea.

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