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Season 14 Performance 3: Results

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Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

You guys, what is Brooke wearing? It's a black sparkly gown with one sleeve but that sleeve is puffed and then there's a strap that goes around her neck and I am so confused. She looks like her head is under attack by a sequined black mushroom. Anyway, Seal's here to sing "Lean on Me" and is this song back again? Remember the electrified version that was a hit in like 1989? The troupe comes out and dances and whatever. There's also a gospel choir. Poor Seal. I really thought he and Heidi were going to make it. I shouldn't say poor Seal. Maybe he's a jerk. Maybe he cheated on her. I don't know what went down.

Tom and Brooke talk about how close the scores were last night (only four points separated top and bottom) and how the average score was 25.5 which is insanely high for week three. Len says that he wishes that the producers would come down and announce that no one is going home this week, because no one deserves to go home. Tom says that's not going to happen, so sit down, old man.

Results! Roshon was crazy wired after his performance, and if he were ten years older, I would think he was on something, but I think that's just youth. Ah, youth. Every day around 3:00 PM, after a day of chasing my two-year-old twins around, I remember youth and energy and when I had both. One of my kids spent a good fifteen minutes today sprinting back and forth between the living room and the kitchen for no reason. Just to do it! Because he had energy to burn! I don't understand that at all. Anyway, Maria jokes that she was going to give blindfolds to her family because her dance was so sexy, and after the routine, Jaleel commented up in the viewing box that he thought Maria and Derek would get tens. They didn't, so it's a good thing Jaleel is not a judge. Gavin got all emotional after his dance and couldn't talk to Brooke, which felt genuine and not creepy like Jaleel's weird breakdown. Katherine couldn't listen to the clip package that aired before her dance or she knew that she'd just lose it, listening to the story of her father's death. Mark helped her plug her ears and block it out. And she was thrilled to dance for her father, and she knew he'd be "chuffed" which I'm pretty sure means proud.

So are these four couples safe or in jeopardy? Roshon, Maria, and Katherine are all safe (along with their partners, obviously). Gavin and Karina are in jeopardy.

Brooke is backstage talking to folks. William was confident doing the salsa due to his ethnic background, but if he sticks around, he has the jive, and he's worried. Jaleel has the tango if he makes it to next week, and he'll be dancing to the Rolling Stones. You don't want to know what he answered. It was dumb. He didn't mention Mickey Mouse though. Gladys Knight says that her rock inspiration is Tina Turner, and Tina definitely rocks. Love her.

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