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Season 13 Performance 9: Results

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So who's through and who's in jeopardy? Ricki and Derek are going to the finals and JR and Karina are still in jeopardy.

So now it's down to JR and Karina or Hope and Maks. If Hope and Maks make it to the finals, I am going to riot. Seriously, call 911 because I am going to Occupy My Living Room. It will be tent city up in here. Ain't no court orders going to evict me. Get to it, Bergeron. My blood pressure is rising. And thank GODFULLY, Hope and Maks are going home. I don't even want to hear their stupid speeches. Hope doesn't thank Maks at first. Maks does thank her and the fans. Neither of them thank the judges. Good. Don't let the door hit you and Maks, you don't need to come back next season. You used to be my favorite. Look at your choices. Look at your life.

See you next week. The finals!

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