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Brooke interviews Ricki and JR with their partners backstage. Ricki says the whole experience has been a rollercoaster ride and she's happy to be there. JR says that his ankle is doing better and if he gets to stay on the show, he's ready for four dance next week.

Filler package of Carson in the wardrobe department. It's vaguely amusing. I feel like it could have been either funnier or more informative.

Derek and Anna are doing the Design-A-Dance: a paso doble to "Bad Romance". So great to see Anna getting some love from the public. And so glad that Derek was the choice instead of Maks or Mark. Anyway, the routine is seriously amazing. It's a paso Gaga, keeping the traditional moves but incorporating some Little Monster stuff. And Anna does such a fantastic job with the character of the dance. She looks like a little monster coming after Derek, who is trying to both elude and kill her at the same time. Great.

Time to be inspired! Kenny Wormald, Julianne's co-star in Footloose went to The Gold School, a dance school in Massachusetts. We get to hear the stories of some of the other boys who went to the school, and were often teased and bullied for being male dancers. Those boys are on hand tonight to dance with some of the female pros. And you know, the routine is fine but it's more about the fact that those stupid bullies are home watching this and feeling like dicks.

Tom and Gonzo (you know, purple guy, big nose) are on hand to introduce a song from The Muppets. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Swedish Chef, Beaker, Scooter, Animal, Sam the Eagle, Fozzie, and Professor Honeydew are all on hand. Oh, and Rowlf. And some new Muppet that I don't know. And then a bunch of humans are also dancing. I doesn't make me want to see the movie but I bet people who are watching with their kids are happy it's not another raunchy pro dance.

Backstage with Ricki. During their samba, Derek was still really talking Ricki through the dance. I don't know if she needs it at this point, or if that's just his habit. But if she does still need it, they are in trouble next week. As Derek was waiting to start the tango, Bruno and Len told him not to mess it up. Oh don't worry about his concentration of anything. Derek was talking her through that one too.

And what about JR now? He was elevating and icing his ankle right before his paso doble. And then he twisted it again before his paso, so he got it rewrapped and iced more before the tango. I'm still mystified as to what went wrong with his posture. It couldn't have all been his ankle. He botched the last lift and that's why he was so disappointed in himself, I guess? It's so rare to see JR down. It makes me sad.

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