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Season 13 Performance 9: Results

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Last night, everyone had to do three dances and between the stress and the injury, JR plunged to the bottom half of the leaderboard, barely ahead of Hope. HOPE! Rob did awesome last night, so he is back to reprise his samba, rainbow float and all. You know what I like about Rob? His arm placement is usually really good. He doesn't just fling his arms about (Hope). He puts his arms in a spot with purpose and it makes his whole dance look much sharper. The samba rolls are still awful, but he does the whole routine with such joy and confidence that it's fun to watch.

Backstage watch with Rob and Cheryl. After their samba, Rob was shocked to get a 10 since he heard that the samba was one of the hardest dances to do. Immediately after their tango, Rob was already critiquing his own performance. And then he got first in the cha cha relay, and as the show closed, JR made a point of complimenting Rob because JR is a good person. So are Rob and Cheryl safe and headed for the finals next week? Of course they are. Come on.

Cobra Starship is on hand to perform their new song which I've either heard before (unlikely) or it sounds like a bunch of other songs (likely). Tristan and Kym are dancing along with... two other people that I don't recognize. Tristan is pretty good at contemporary dancing. Mark and Derek had better watch out. Actually, Mark had better watch out. I haven't missed him AT ALL since he got eliminated. In fact, I forgot he existed until just now when I thought he might be one of the male dancers for a second.

Ugh, I really don't want to see more about Hope and Maks. God, Hope is just such a bad dancer. I think she's getting worse. In her confessional after the paso doble, she tells the judges to kiss her booty. She is the worst. I love how the reel of their tango highlights shows how terrible they were at getting in and out of holds, which is exactly what Carrie Ann pointed out. Look, the judges aren't always right. I don't think there's a grand conspiracy, but I have felt that they consistently underscored certain dancers in the past. But Hope is NOT GOOD! And the things the judges are saying are TRUE. I don't know how she developed this adversarial relationship with the judges, but if she would have listened to them in past weeks, she might be better now. Hope continues to mouth off in her confessionals, and Len and Carrie Ann discuss how Maks was making comments behind Hope's head (which he was) and how they were pretty nice to Hope, all things considered. It's true! Even if you think Carrie Ann was wrong about the lifts, she said it in a nice and constructive way. If they do make it through to the next round, they will most likely be doing lifts, and they need to work on the awkward mounts and dismounts, or not do them at all. They have got to go this week because I can't take another week of the blatant disrespect for the judges and the show. Look, it's not a great show. It's fluff. But if you're going to be on it, you kind of have to buy into the concept and go with it. You can't be on the show and also be too cool for the show. Mark hasn't figured that out yet either. Anyway, they're in jeopardy, to no one's surprise. And Hope acts like she's psyched about it. Man, I wish the person holding a gun to her head and making her stay on the show would leave her alone.

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