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Judges? Bruno says it was fast and furious and he gives her a few specific things to work on but says it was very good. Carrie Ann thinks it was an improvement on her previous jive, but she needs to work on her hands. Len yells that it was fantastic and everything a jive should be. WHAT? LEN? He calls it bloody brilliant. I am in Crazytown. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9 and Bruno 8. Seriously, has Len been drinking?

To prepare for the instant dance, Ricki and Derek rehearse their jive to three different songs so that they can focus on the steps and not worry about the actual song. That's smart. Derek is smart. My one issue with Derek and Ricki's routine is that Ricki stops doing the footwork from time to time and just marks the beat, which makes it easier for her than it was for, for example, Hope, who kept doing the footwork the entire time. Derek also wisely put in a lot of stunts and things that also meant Ricki didn't have to have as much stamina. The first half looked really great though -- I just thought, despite all their tricks, Ricki lost the plot about halfway through and was just marking time.

Judges? They all have a good laugh over how hard Ricki tried to keep her feet on the floor so that she wouldn't get points taken off for a lift. Carrie Ann says it was great, but there were a few times where Ricki stopped and Derek kept going. Len agrees, and so does Bruno, and he thinks it made for less flow. They all agree that this was a difficult challenge. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 8.

Tristan thinks it's great that it's his first instant dance too, but Nancy isn't comforted by that. Nancy had the jive last week, and she reminds Tristan that she has twins and a full time job on top of being in this competition. Oh, poor you. I'm a little worried about this jive, though. Here's the biggest problem I have with Nancy's jive: she's barely lifting her feet off the floor. That's even before you get to the part where she screws up most of the steps and Tristan has to push her into position.

Judges? Len says he commends Nancy for making it this far, but he thinks it's time for her to go home. Everyone boos. Ooh, Nancy is holding back her sharp remarks, and you can almost see her biting her tongue. Bruno tries to be nicer, and Carrie Ann compliments her chemistry and trust with Tristan. But I don't think these are going to be good scores. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 6 and Bruno 7. Ouch. But deserved.

JR and Karina are the final couple to dance. Last time they did the jive, they got penalized for a lift and Len said they did too much Lindy Hop and not enough jive. So they're trying for redemption. And I think they did it. JR's kicks and flicks are PERFECT. That is how you do it. And he's got so much charisma and confidence out there. It was amazing. Hard to believe it was an instant dance.

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