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Last week, JR didn't get great scores and ended up in the bottom half of the leaderboard for the first time. Karina wants to work hard in rehearsals, but JR is naturally goofy and she gets frustrated. So how does that translate to their waltz? It translates to wow. It is gorgeous and unlike Ricki's waltz, it was interesting to watch from start to finish. JR was incredibly graceful and the choreography was amazing. Great job, Karina, and great job, JR.

Judges? Bruno says it was like a musical Valentine's card and he made beautiful music with Karina. Carrie Ann thinks that JR always has natural grace but in this dance, he made magic and everyone in the room felt it. Len thinks that JR came back all guns blazing this week like the soldier that he is. Weird that Len didn't say anything about the technical parts of the dance (other than that JR should be wearing a tie? Which seems like a weird thing to pick on, but maybe it's a ballroom rule). Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10 and Bruno 10. They did it! They got the first perfect score of the season. I'm so happy it was them and not Ricki and Derek. They pick "Tutti Frutti" as their jive song.

Rob and Cheryl are up first on their instant dance. Rob did the jive in the second week and he's having a hard time remembering the steps from then. Cheryl is more worried about keeping their energy up for the full routine. So watching their routine, I think their biggest positive is that Rob seems to do well with the basic jive step and his kicks and flicks are sharp. Their opening is a disaster but once they get into the actual jive steps, he does better. I recognize one sequence from his first jive, which is expected, too. The problem is that Rob looks like he has no clue what he's doing, instead of performing the dance and having fun with it. No one expects perfect technique or steps in this, so go for performance and energy. Rob looks self-conscious to me.

Len saw no glaring mistakes, but small incidences. He wanted more flick and sharper feet, but overall, he thought Rob did a good job. Bruno liked the pace and youthful energy. Carrie Ann was impressed with the transitions, but advises him to work on his feet, as Len said. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 8. That's more than fair.

Hope and Maks work on their routine, which Hope screwed up when they did it previously. Hope wants to do the same two steps the whole time, but Maks says he can't do that. We learn that Hope doesn't learn routines by counts; she listens to the lyrics of the song. That explains so much about how she dances and why she's always lagging behind and then rushing to catch up. But Hope is determined to do better this time. I'll say this about their routine -- it's fast. And they keep up the pace the whole time. Hope's posture is HORRIBLE. She's leaning way forward and it throws off all her lines. But she keeps her feet going and doesn't seem to miss any steps, so that's something.

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