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Last week, everyone was sad when David went home instead of Hope or Nancy. But this week, the remaining couples have to do two dances, one pre-rehearsed and then everyone will do an Instant Jive. In case you're a newcomer, that means they know they have to do a jive, but they don't know what song they will have, so while they can rehearse steps and sequences, they will only have like thirty minutes to fit those to music.

Tom and Brooke introduce the first couple to dance tonight, Rob and Cheryl. It cracks me up because as Tom introduces them, Cheryl is busy gabbing away with Tristan, and Rob has to tap her shoulder like, "Uh, Cheryl? They're talking about us. Smile and wave to the camera."

Last week, Rob's Addams Family tango got high marks from the judges and ended up in second place. This week, they have to work on the quickstep and the instant jive. Rob wants honest feedback from Cheryl to improve and she quickly rattles off a bunch of things he needs to do for the quickstep: keep his frame solid, move his feet in sync with hers and work on the butt-sticking-out problem that Bruno mentioned last week during judging.

Their quickstep is to "Take On Me" by A-ha? Which seems like an odd choice. And yet, it works! Overall, the routine is really good. If you'd told me in week one that Rob Kardashian would be dancing this well (or still be in the competition at all) in week eight, I wouldn't have believed it. His frame and arms look great, and his butt does seem to be tucked in. His footwork is mostly good, but there's something weird with his feet. When he has to take a big step, it just looks really awkward, and I can't figure out why. Maybe he's not bending his knees? Imagine walking and taking huge steps but not bending your knees. That's what it looks like. But overall, it was really, really good.

Judges? Len says that the opening section was awful, but once they got into hold, it looked great. Len loved the frame and his posture, and calls it his best dance so far. Bruno said that once he fixed his butt problem, everything else fell into place, and his lines were fantastic. Bruno can't believe the improvement. Carrie Ann (who has terrible bangs, maybe a wig?) says that Rob is the perfect DWTS contestant because he was not great when he stared out and he has shown amazing improvement. Tom cracks that Rob has had the best week of any Kardashian. Ouch. But also, ha. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9 and Bruno 9. They choose their jive song and get "Maneater" by Hall and Oates. Ooohhh-kay?

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