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Season 13 Performance 8: Results

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A Graceful Exit

Flo Rida is on hand to sing "Club Can't Handle Me." My boys and I had a toddler dance party to this song last week. It's a great dance song. We also danced to "Fly Like a G6." I feel it's important for my children to have an appreciation for the classics and my husband only plays them classical music and The Beatles. Someone's got to take charge.

Backstage footage! Right before their dance, Nancy was worried about beating all the nines that the judges had given out. Maybe try dancing well? Tristan tried like hell to get Nancy on the beat during their jive, and she begged the judges to give her good scores. They didn't. Her kids are cute, though. Derek really talked Ricki through their whole jive, which I understand, since it was the instant dance. And then Ricki had a little breakdown backstage and said she was really tired and didn't have what it takes to make it through. Ricki, take a nap and put your big girl panties on and suck it up.

So who's in the semifinals and who's in jeopardy? Ricki and Derek have made it through, obviously. And Nancy and Tristan are in jeopardy, also obviously.

And it's time for the final results. The couples in jeopardy are Rob and Cheryl and Nancy and Tristan. I have to believe that Nancy is going home; if it were Hope up there, I might believe she was going home instead, but maybe Rob is suffering from Kardashian backlash? I don't see anyone else for the younger viewers to rally behind. Brooke says carefully that this is not necessarily the bottom two, so if Rob is staying, it's odd that they put him here. Unless they didn't want Maks to have another tantrum. So who's going home? Nancy and Tristan. She looked ready to go. Cheryl looks TERRIFIED, though. And you know what? I really hated Nancy when the show started, but I don't think she's a monster anymore. She's annoying and irresponsible as a journalist, but I saw the human side of her through this. She thanks Tristan and gives him all the credit. Aw, Tristan. I'm sure he'll be back. See you next week for the semi-finals! Not you, Nancy. The people reading this who aren't Nancy.

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