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Season 13 Performance 8: Results

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A Graceful Exit

And it's time for some results! Or at least the show about the results. We won't know any actual results for another fifty-eight minutes or so. The ladies of the show are going to dance to "I Am Woman." Not the Helen Reddy song. I was kind of wondering about that. Anyway, they're all there: Kym, Anna, Cheryl, Lacey, Peta, Karina, and the troupe ladies. That one troupe lady really needs shorter hair extensions. She looks like a witch. But it's nice to see dancers like Kym and Anna doing a more contemporary dance. It seems like those always go to Lacey or Chelsie. Anna, in particular, is really getting her Beyonce on. Love it.

And now, backstage footage! Rob earned a smack on the bum from Bruno before he started his instant dance. Bruno! Hands to yourself! It makes me kind of sad when, in their confessional, Rob wonders if they'll make the finals and Cheryl says that she hasn't made it this far in years. Cheryl! She's awesome! She did get fourth place with Ochocinco, which was only three seasons ago, but the last time she made it to the finals was with Gilles five seasons ago. That's got to sting, though, after winning her first two seasons on the show.

After Hope and Maks did their quickstep, Carrie Ann hugged Hope and, when the dancers left, Len joked that he should have hugged Maks. The other judges think that would have been HILARIOUS. And then after their jive, which Len raved about, Maks does give him a kiss on the cheek. Once the dancers leave, Carrie Ann basically asks Len if he's on crack (I felt the same way!) and Len says he doesn't care about their hands or whatever, because they went full on and it was brilliant.

JR and Karina knew immediately that their waltz was awesome, probably because the audience was so into it, and then they got a perfect score. And their instant jive was really amazing. I mean, it was great. Sometimes I get caught up in the emotion of the moment and then watch it back and think it wasn't that great. But this was really, really great. They earned those perfect scores.

I didn't mention the fake DanceCenter commercial they did last night (in the style of ESPN's iconic SportsCenter commercials), because it wasn't that great, but this one is pretty good. Kenny, Jerry, and Len come up to Tristan one-by-one and contrive to make Tristan say the word "third," which he pronounces "turd." Tristan walks away in disgust, and Len REALLY cracks up. Either he loves potty humor or he's a great actor.

Results for the first three couples: JR and Karina and Hope and Maks are safe and will be in the semifinals. Rob and Cheryl are in jeopardy. Didn't really expect that one. Just goes to know that you never know. And here I am with my newfound sympathy for Cheryl.

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