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Fright Night

It's a special Halloween edition of the show, which means that the studio is decorated all spooky and Brooke Char-vaaaaaaay is wearing...what she always wears plus a black wig? And Tom Bergeron is wearing all black. Those aren't costumes. That is bullshit. Look at Regis and Kelly! Can't they at least try? Some kitty ears or something? You know Brooke was always the Slutty X costume in college. Wait, did she go to college? Whatever, you know what I mean. Slutty Nurse, Slutty Witch, Slutty Cat and whatnot. They introduce the stars and we begin. Ha, the singers and band are dressed up like zombies. That's kind of funny. And there are skeletons in place of the judges. Okay, the show got me. They committed to the theme even if Brooke and Tom didn't.

David and Kym are up first. Last week, David was a little too manic. This week, their theme is magical vampire. A real illusionist (Gob?) comes in to help David with some of the tricks in their cha cha cha. Did all the rehearsal work out? I think I've nailed the problem with David's dancing. He has no musicality. He usually gets the steps down for the most part, but he is always a little bit ahead of the beat, and then spends the whole dance trying to get back in sync with Kym. This results in him looking awkward and ill at ease throughout the dance, because he seems unable to just listen to the music and, you know, dance. But he's trying really, really hard. Also, the numerous tricks seemed to mess him up a bit because he was anticipating them instead of being in the moment of the dance.

Judges? Len thinks David is turning into a dancer, even if he lacked rhythm a bit. Bruno gets distracted calling Carrie Ann a pussy (which gets bleeped) and doesn't even get to give a critique. Carrie Ann thought David looked great, although his hip action could be more consistent. Hmm. They liked it a lot more than I did, and I wanted to like it a lot. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, Bruno 8.

Karina and JR have a rare disagreement during the rehearsals for their tango to "Ghostbusters." Where are you, Ray Parker, Jr.? And did you ever give Huey Lewis the money after you stole the music from "I Want a New Drug"? Anyway, Karina and JR get into a fight about how best to learn the steps. Like many pros, Karina takes a holistic approach where she wants to just go through the whole routine and fine tune later, while JR wants to get each step down before moving onto the next. Unlike most couples on the show, the star is the one to defuse the situation here, as JR gives Karina a hug and says in an interview that he wants to keep things light. Is he perfect, or what?

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