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Season 13 Performance 7: Results

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In the opening package where they talk about what happened last night, the last line was something like, "Who will stick around and who will disappear?" And when they voiceover said disappear, it was a shot of Maks and Hope and Maks disappeared. Coincidence? Or wishful thinking by the producers?

Justin Bieber! He's here! I am actually slightly scared to make fun of him because I feel like his fans will hunt me down and hurt me. Obviously he's doing something right, because he's got a lot of money and fans. He's not my cup of tea, but I'm about twenty-five years out of his demographic. I'm not surprised that Bruno knows all the words to his song, though. No pro dancers, because Justin is doing his own dancing with his own backup dancers. He does hit one REALLY bad note. Ouch. He also seems to take himself really, really seriously, which is a recipe for a huge downfall in the future. I've watched Behind the Music. I know how that goes.

Ugh, my least favorite segment - what did the studio audience think about the show? At least Carson is doing the interviews, so maybe it will be semi-entertaining. He talks to Jason Biggs, who is game. Bruce Jenner talks some nonsense and then Coco Arquette is adorable. Seriously, could she be cuter? Carson also talks to the judges. Carrie Ann liked Rob's dance, and Bruno admits that a lot of them had very difficult music. Len liked David Arquette and Rob. Carson "forgets" Brooke's name. Seriously, let's just ditch her and hire Carson to do her job. Please?

Who gets the encore? Team Paso, of course, since the judges thought they were the best dancers ever. Okay, I'm going to watch this with an open mind. Well, Hope is still terrible in the opening segment. Rob's solo is horrendous. I can't believe the judges gave him compliments for that. He's confusing keeping his legs straight with passion, and he looks like Frankenstein's monster. Hope's solo is fine, but she doesn't really have much to do. Ricki's shapes are really good, but she had the paso for her solo dance, so of course they are. I really don't get why the judges loved this so much. I hope they feel dumb after watching that mess again.

And we're going to find out some results! Rob and Cheryl had the tango and Cheryl kept shouting "Intense" at Rob. It must have worked, because his attitude and character were right on. During the break, Bruno gave Rob some tips about keeping his butt under, and Rob admits in his confessional that he's always been self-conscious about it. Hey, why is Chaz backstage? Then during Nancy and Tristan's dance, you can hear Tristan trying to get her back into the rhythm. Afterwards, Nancy said that they were "toast" but in her confessional, she said that she liked their jive and she hoped America did too. So what are the results? Ooh, we're going to find out the bottom two this week. And Nancy and Tristan are in the bottom two. No surprise there - they were on the bottom of the leaderboard. Rob and Cheryl are safe.

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