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It's a salute to Broadway! And everyone will be doing two dances, presumably one solo and one group number. So before the introductions, we have a number from the musical version of Sister Act. It's very loud and everyone is wearing sequins.

First up this week is Rob Kardashian. Last week, he impressed with his manly rumba. Well, some people were impressed anyway, including the judges. This week, Cheryl and Rob have the cha cha cha, and they're dancing to "Walk Like a Man" from Jersey Boys. Rob's mother (momager?) visits during rehearsals to talk about how proud she is. His mom is talking about he was a boy but he's becoming a man. Isn't he a college graduate? Shouldn't he have already been a man? It's not like he was turning 18. Anyway, she tells him to "kick some ass." Always klassy, those Kardashians.

Well, their cha cha is entertaining and for the most part, the technique is good. I didn't see a TON of cha cha, but there was a bit of it. I would like more, but I'm a traditionalist like Len. Rob does a good job of keeping up the fun and performing instead of being in his head, and Cheryl did a great job with the choreography. And it's a fun song, which always helps. I did notice a lot of pancake hands from Rob, but not every time, which means that he does know better but forgets sometimes. The crowd goes nuts for him, including his dumb sisters who are super loud and screechy.

Judges? Len says that it was clean and precise, but he didn't feel like it showed rhythm and was too stiff. Bruno demonstrates how he wanted Rob to take charge and nearly clocks Len in the head. Carrie Ann doesn't think the dancing was as good as last week, but felt the charisma was better, and then she mangles an analogy about Rob being an adolescent but not in college, but he graduated, so he's going for his Master's. I don't know. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 7.

Nancy and Tristan will be performing to a song from "Spamalot." Do you think Nancy Grace actually watches Monty Python? I imagine her watching it, wrinkling her nose, turning to Tristan and saying, "Is this funny? I don't get it." And Tristan just rolls his eyes and offers her more popcorn. Anyway, Carrie Ann told Nancy last week that her dancing was drab, and Nancy wonders if she's supposed to put on a bikini and shake her booty. Yes, that it the only way to make your dancing more fun, Nancy. Wear a bikini. You idiot. Anyway, Nancy asked Tristan to make the choreography more dramatic and difficult, so he does, and then she confronts him and says that she thinks he's purposely making it so hard that she will fuck up, and then he can shrug his shoulders and say, "Well, that's what she wanted." Okay. Let's parse this. She thinks that he is doing WHAT SHE ASKED in order to make her SCREW UP. My husband is sitting next to me, barely watching, and he just turned to me and made the "finger circling the temple" sign for crazy. Because she is CRAZY! And paranoid. And has a persecution complex. Everything about her kind of makes sense now that I know that. I always thought she was just mean, but she's also crazy.

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