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It's '80s Night

Carrie Ann thinks that David needs more confidence, because he's strong but timid and vulnerable. Carrie Ann also needs him to stop thinking and letting it show on his face. Agreed. They have the tango this week. Kym is happy with how they are doing, but she wants to break hold in the dance, and David is worried that Len won't like it. He does a pretty good Len imitation.

The dancing and technique is so much better than we've seen from David. He seems completely in character, and he moves very gracefully. The weird thing is that the studio audience is completely silent. Like not one "woo" and no clapping. What is up with that? Part of it may be that the choreography isn't super flashy, but the dancing is good. They do give him a standing ovation at the end. I thought it was really good but the audience reaction is confusing me.

Judges? Len thought it was very '80s, and David showed up this week. Bruno thought David had the right attitude. Carrie Ann thought his hold has improved, though Len disagrees, but she thinks he needs to work on his musicality. Len completely disagrees and they argue for a while. I hate when the judges do that. Shut it, judges. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9 (!) and Bruno 8. Good for them. I hope they don't go home.

Wait, the judges didn't give any advice to Ricki and Derek, did they? Was it cut for time? That's weird. Did I miss it? Anyway, Ricki (as the frontrunner) feels a lot of pressure this week and Derek wants her to lighten up and have fun with their routine. He brings in John Waters (who gave Ricki her first big break when he cast her in the first film of Hairspray) to give Ricki encouragement and remind her to have fun.

Ricki and Derek are dancing the foxtrot to "Easy Lover." I'm SO distracted by the band in this song, because whoever is singing is NO Philip Bailey. I mean, Earth Wind and Fire? Come on. And the harmonies are all off. It is terrible. The audience is, once again, subdued. Did they just turn down the audience sound? Anyway, on to the dancing. It's fine. It's not flashy, but the foxtrot never is. In order to '80s it up, they added in a few instances of the Roger Rabbit, but Ricki kind of screws up the first one. It's okay. It didn't set me on fire. After last week, it was a bit of a letdown.

Judges? Bruno says that they gave him nightmares with the Roger Rabbit, and he thought the routine didn't gel. Carrie Ann agrees, but she thinks that they work well together as a team and they should have stayed in hold. Len claims that he loves funk, but he doesn't want it in his foxtrot, and he thought it wasn't their best dance, but it also wasn't their worst. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 8. Way better than I thought they'd get.

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