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It's '80s Night

Judges? Len says that male stars have trouble with the samba, but JR set a new standard. Bruno says that JR was a sex machine, and it was brilliant. Carrie Ann thought it was amazing, and she's all flustered. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9 and then Bruno milks the applause and gives him a 10.

Len thinks that Rob and Cheryl have great chemistry, which is a key to their rumba this week. Len wants Rob to take command of the dance this week, and stay on task all the way through. In rehearsals, Cheryl says that they have to step it up and Rob needs to be sexy. Rob wants to be like the male pros, but Cheryl doesn't think he can do THAT. Well, way to kill his confidence. Rob has a hard time treating Cheryl like a sex object. Romeo comes by to help him out. Okay, then.

Okay, if he was trying to make us think he wants to fuck Cheryl, mission accomplished. He definitely was grabbing her ass all over the place. And his dancing wasn't too bad. The turns were great. The other moves, less so. But creating a tone for the routine? He did that in spades. Good job, Rob! He could be a contender. Judges? Bruno thought he didn't hide behind Cheryl and was very sexy. Carrie Ann thinks Rob is improving by increments each week, and this was strong and sexy. Len thinks he pulled off giving the masculine energy, and Len could tell that he wasn't letting Cheryl pull him around the floor, but was leading. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8 and Bruno 8.

Carrie Ann has advice for Chaz. She points out that he came out of the gate strong, but has faltered since he's been injured. She wants him to do more movement and less walking. I want that too, Carrie Ann! Lacey and Chaz have the samba this week, and Chaz feels very self-conscious about shaking his butt in the samba. Lacey brings her dad in, and he's kind of built like Chaz, so he can actually help him out. Will there be any hip action? Well, not really. But Chaz's attitude is back to week one; he looks really joyful and uninhibited and happy to be out there. That makes a world of difference. He's not all up in his head, and he doesn't seem to be in pain. I'd say his technique is at least equal to Carson's. It's still not good, but he actually does some steps instead of just walking around.

Do the judges agree? Carrie Ann thought that was the most dancing Chaz has done so far. Len thought Chaz had the feel of the dance, and while the technique was hit or miss, he definitely gave it a big effort. Bruno compares Chaz to "a bouncing basketball" which is a little mean, and says that it's too bad JR was the other one to samba this week. Chaz says he knows he's not JR, but Bruno says that Chaz did very well. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7 and Bruno 7. Chaz seems disappointed, but seriously, did he expect higher?

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