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It's '80s Night

Len is going to tell us what Nancy has to do to stay. He thinks she's a hard worker, and he loved her quickstep, but he thought that all she did in her paso doble was flash us. This week she has the rumba, and Len's advice is that she shouldn't look like a floozy. Well, that's helpful.

Nancy reveals in rehearsals that she used to be a cheerleader in the '80s and even shows off some of her moves. I bet she was a great cheerleader. And I bet she was even better at the cheerleader mean girl moves, like when you had to share refreshments with the other team's cheerleaders and you would make comments "under your breath" about their lame hair and makeup. Anyway, Nancy and Tristan argue about the rumba, and no one had better be mean to Tristan because he already has quite the fan following. But soon their argument turns to teasing each other and as much as I'm not a Nancy Grace fan, they are kind of charming together.

Okay, so the whole conceit of the routine is that Tristan is the bad boy and Nancy is his girlfriend. In the opening bars, Tristan drops a wink at Carrie Ann and it is SO HOT. Man, I get why ladies love that Tristan. Anyway, the rest of the dance is supposed to be his efforts to win Nancy back, because she's pissed. And it's fine. Nancy's arm movements sort of look like she's trying to fly away and she has no hip action, but other parts of it are good and she does a good job with the character of it.

Judges? Carrie Ann wants there to be more of a connection between Nancy and the routine. I think Nancy is a little too in her head and worried about what people will think of her and what's appropriate, so she holds back a bit. Len thought it was good, despite a few unstable moments. Bruno liked the character of the dance, and thought it was sexy without being slutty. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7 and Bruno 8. Nancy says she's so happy to get an 8 that she may have to go "lay down." You'd think someone as educated as Nancy would know that chickens lay eggs and people lie down.

The Bangles are back to sing "Manic Monday" while the troupe dances again. Did you know that Prince wrote this song for them? Just a little '80s trivia for you.

Bruno has some advice for JR to make it to the next level, and it has to do with the extra details, and finishing each move. Bruno thinks that JR could nail his samba this week and get back on top. Or the judges could quit underscoring him. You know, either way.

JR hopes that his Latin background (and the fact that his mother always made him dance with her) will help him with the samba. Karina admits that she's going to kick his ass this week, and they go to a Latin club to help him get into the groove. Will it work? They are dancing to "Conga" by Miami Sound Machine and it is SO FAST. Like the singers can't even get all the words into each of the lines. This is the fastest samba I've ever seen. There is a lot of content, including samba rolls. I don't know if I've ever seen a couple do samba rolls when it was a male star with a female pro. JR does a fantastic job with the hip action, but I see some problems with his feet and hands. I don't think it's a 10, but the studio audience does. And frankly, even if he does get a 10, I won't complain because he's been underscored before.

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