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It's '80s Night

Wait, then we also get a roll-in package? I figured the judges' critiques were taking the place of the roll-in package. Sigh. So Maks and Hope have the tango this week, and Hope feels like the character of the dance works for them, because it's all about a love-hate relationship. Maks is worried that Hope won't sell the dance enough, because she claims she doesn't know how to perform.

So how does it work out? Ironically, I think Hope did better at the performing aspect and worse at the dancing aspect. They just never seemed to gel while in hold and it felt like Maks was pulling her around the dance floor. Maks even looked a little strained, like he was working hard, and he usually makes it look effortless. He just doesn't seem like he's having much fun this season. He does, however, look pretty hot in black leather and eyeliner. Judges? Len thought that Hope was too loose-limbed and willowy, but he did like the aggression she showed. Bruno thought Hope was strong, sexy, and powerful. Len and Bruno start arguing but Carrie Ann finally gets to say that she loved how much Hope was in character, but thinks that less is more. Man, did the judges give her some nonsense advice. She was too strong, but they loved her aggression, but she was too willowy. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 8. For all their disagreement, the judges gave them the same scores.

What does Bruno think that Carson needs to do to make it to the finals? Carson goes out and has a good time and makes memorable moments, but he gets away with poor technique. Bruno thinks that, in order to continue on, he needs to get his technique on par with his personality. In rehearsals, Carson is worried because people seem to be eliminated after making only one mistake. They have the jive, and Carson loves the '80s, but he's feeling really challenged by this dance.

The conceit of their dance to Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" is that they're cheerleaders in really loud uniforms. There's a lot of messing about at the beginning and Carson has a hard time getting out of his warm-up suit, but once they get dancing, it's definitely got a lot of energy. The choreography is really basic and Carson still misses a few steps, though. His kicks are not good but he puts a lot of oomph into them. And when they're in hold, it actually looks really good. So it's kind of like every other routine he's done this season; really fun to watch, you laugh a few times, but the technique is still not there. [Note: But he did a cartwheel! It was so adorable! -- RS.] Judges? Bruno thought it was "a crowning achievement in madness" but also calls it a "minimal jive." Carrie Ann points out that Richard Simmons was envying Carson's outfit, but it's week five and there should be more technique in the routine. Len isn't sure the routine was good enough, and Carson says that they'll let America decide. It's funny because I was really annoyed when bad dancers like Marie Osmond or Bristol Palin made it so far, but I want Carson to continue. It's all about attitude. He's funny. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 6 and Bruno 7. That's fair. He'll get enough votes to make up for it.

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