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Judges? Carrie Ann thinks that he took it up a notch this week. Len wanted it to be more fierce, but he did like the routine. Bruno thinks that Rob has the ability and moves well, but he needs to be more confident and assertive with his movements. Bruno has a good point. Rob's arms were just kind of there and he didn't start the movement with his entire body. Okay, I know I usually skip Brooke's questions because they are stupid, but she just asked the rudest question: "Rob, have you ever worked at anything this hard ever?" In other words, "Rob, are you a lazy, shiftless idiot?" Rob reminds her that he did graduate from college, and he worked hard there, but acknowledges that this is different. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 8. A lot of parity in the scoring tonight.

Ricki got high scores for her rumba last week. Too high if you ask me. This week, they have the tango to Psycho. That seems REALLY hard to dance to, and Derek says as much. As they rehearse, Ricki doesn't get it right away and she gets frustrated and shuts down, and even talks about quitting. So will she be able to pull it together for their routine?

I would say yes. I think this is Ricki's best dance to date. Her posture and head position are perfect. She does seem a little muddled on the footwork, and her character is a little confusing. I think Derek is supposed to be the psycho and she's supposed to be the victim? But you wouldn't know that until the very end of the dance, when they go behind a screen and Derek stabs her in the stomach (should have done the chest) and she falls to the ground. That ending shocks the judges, or maybe they were shocked at how good the dancing was? It was good dancing. It wasn't 10-worthy, but the technique was great. The studio audience goes nuts. Judges? Len thinks that she always delivers, and his only critique is that Ricki needs to remember her neck. Bruno thought it was an "immaculate tribute" to Hitchcock. Carrie Ann thought it was brilliant. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9 and Bruno 10. That may be about one point too high, but it's all academic. It's awfully early for Ricki to be getting these scores, though. Where does she have to go?

Chaz and Lacey were at the bottom of the leaderboard last week (or the top of the loserboard, depending on how you want to look at it), but they made it through thanks to fan votes. This week, they have the theme from Rocky and they're doing the paso doble. Lacey takes Chaz to see Richard Simmons to work on his endurance and joint issues. Richard Simmons is not looking good, y'all. He may be suffering from something. He definitely needs to shave his head. That trademark 'fro is looking like dandelion fuzz.

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