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Hope went for sexy last week. I thought she missed the mark, but others disagreed. They have the foxtrot this week to "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story. We get the segment it seems like we get every season with each couple at some point (although always with Maks, right) where the star gets frustrated and the pro gets frustrated and they butt heads. In this case, if Hope can't get a step, she wants to keep working on it until she does get it. Maks feels like if it's not working, just move on and come back to it later. I can see both approaches. I feel like they have limited time together, so should probably take Maks's more holistic approach during rehearsal, and then Hope can practice the steps on her own time. See, I compromised! Why don't they? They probably do, but that wouldn't make for drama for the show.

You know what? I really liked that routine. Hope wasn't trying to be glamorous or sexy. She was trying to be Jessie from the movies, and Maks was Woody, and they were cute! And not overly cute in a gross way. Hope did well taking long steps, and Maks matched her, and it was the most graceful I think we've seen her this whole season. She needs to work on being more precise about her foot placement; there were a few times where she took a step and then had to move her foot into the correct spot. But it was enjoyable to watch, when I feel like most of her routines this season have been kind of awkward. Judges? Bruno thought they were nice together. Carrie Ann smiled the whole way through, and it was refreshing and fluid. Len says that he gets frustrated, and he'll tell them why. Tom interjects, "Age?" Everyone cracks up. Len is serious though, and then he just starts yelling at Hope and telling her that she's not rehearsing enough, I guess? And that Maks needs to be nicer? And they need to bond as a team? I am seriously not sure what he's going on about. But I think he wants them to be more of a team, because he thinks that Hope could be a contender. Nothing about how this particular routine went. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 8. I thought it might even be higher, but that's the highest score of the night so far.

Cheryl and Rob have the paso doble and will be dancing to the Superman theme. Didn't Cameron Mathison already do this exact dance to this exact song? Anyway, Rob wants us to know that he's taking this seriously and he doesn't want people to think he's the loser brother in a famous family. Cheryl thinks he's turned over a new leaf. Okay. Can we just see some dancing now instead of a therapy session? So the camera angles are pissing me off because they keep showing him from the waist up and I want to see his feet. When they finally do show the full body shot, I can see that his feet are just awful. He doesn't do too poorly with the posture and the arms and hands, but his jump and his turns are...kind of feminine? And not in a good, dancing way, but more in a six-year-old girl in ballet class way? Sort of awkward and unsure. Cheryl put a ton of content in, and there was more traditional paso than in the other routines we've seen tonight. But it's hard for me to not compare it to Cameron's routine, which I really liked. This one, not so much.

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