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Season 13 Performance 3: Results

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Brooke interviews Chaz, Kristin, Chynna, and David. What an odd hodgepodge of people who know their results and people who don't. Anyway, we learn that Cher is coming to sit in the audience next week.

Estelle (who I admit I don't know, but she's won a Grammy) is on hand to sing "The Twist." And she brings out Chubby Checker, who I think has on pajama jeans. Those are some TIGHT jeans for an old dude. And he has a 'fro mullet that has got to be a wig. Right? That's a wig? Then they bring Len out on the dance floor and he does a really terrible version of the twist. Like he's all stiff and doesn't look like he's got any rhythm. That was the long-promised stunt where Len danced? THAT WAS IT? What a rip-off. He danced for like ten seconds, and it was terrible. I call bullshit.

Mary J. Blige performs again, and it's fine, but I have nothing to add. Then it's time for more results. Chynna was pleased to put her own lyrics into movement on the dance floor, and she was really pleased with her scores. During his roll-in package, David caught his daughter's eye while he waited to start dancing and smiled at her, and then afterwards, she said she was crying. He also hugs Courteney, who says he was amazing. You guys, I know David is dating someone new, but I keep rooting for those two to get back together. It could happen, right? Kristin was nervous because her ex-fiancé, Jay Cutler, was in the audience. When they cut to her waiting for her results, she looks a little pissed that her offhand comment made the clip package. Or maybe she's just nervous about the results. Hard to say. Chynna and David are safe, but Kristin is in jeopardy. So I guess she may have been right to be nervous.

So Kristin and Mark, Hope and Maks, and Carson and Anna are the three couples that are in jeopardy. I don't think they are the bottom three, though. And guess what? Carson and Anna are safe. I really hope that Hope and Maks go home. I've enjoyed watching Kristin, and I think she's the better dancer, even though I hate Mark. Brooke adds that these are not necessarily the bottom two. I wonder if the couple that ends up safe is annoyed at being put on the spot even though they weren't in the bottom two. I would be.

Brooke asks Len for his opinion, and Len says that he thought that these two couples would be fighting for the finals. Really, Len? You thought Hope would make it to the finals? She's not that good. Kristin isn't there yet, but could be. So who's going home? Kristin and Mark. Holy shit. I really didn't expect that, and neither did Kristin. Good thing Jay Cutler came to see her this week, or he would have missed out. The ballroom is shocked as well. Kristin admits that she's surprised, and Tom adds that he thought people might have assumed they were safe and thus didn't vote. The other couples actually look sad. It really should have been Chaz. I mean, honestly. Well, it happens at least once per season. Hope looks pissed off. I think maybe she wanted to go home. Ricki is sobbing. Come on, Ricki. Buck up.

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