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Season 13 Performance 3: Results

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Time to find out the results for these three couples. All three are safe. Lacey is shocked, and the other couples run over and hug Chaz. But seriously, they wouldn't shut up about how Chaz's scores were so low, so I figured he was safe. If he were going home, they wouldn't have mentioned it.

Now that they have revealed some results, they're going to do the encore dance, which seems backwards. But Chynna and Tony are doing the encore. I don't know why they didn't have JR do it last week and I really don't know why they didn't have him do it this week, but maybe they thought it was too heavy. I still think they missed an opportunity to have the Wilson sisters sing this song with the band. I don't like dances where Tony has to pretend to be happy and in love. He just looks like he would have bad breath. If any of you watched General Hospital in the mid-'80s, he reminds me of Duke, who also looked like he would have bad breath.

This is weird. Before Nancy Grace danced last night, Tom snuck up and whispered, "Kick ass." Does he do that for everyone or does he have a special friendship with her? Strange. Maks was trying to get Hope to admit that she felt sexy, and she finally admits that she did. Carson and Anna must be so much fun backstage. Even if he gets eliminated, I bet everyone would like him to keep coming and hang out in the green room and make chitchat and gossip about the makeup people or whatever. Rob's family was really proud of him. You wouldn't know by their facial expressions because their faces don't move, but they said it with their words. Anyway, Nancy and Rob are all safe, but Carson and Anna and Hope and Maks are all in jeopardy.

Filler about the Six Degrees of DWTS. They highlight the mostly tenuous connections between the contestants. None of them are that interesting. Ricki bought a house from David Arquette. David's ex, Courteney Cox, did a movie with Chynna. Chynna and Chaz had playdates together as children. Those are the only connections that are somewhat legit. Well, Kristin used to date Brody Jenner, who is Rob's stepbrother. You get the idea. The rest are even more of a stretch.

Next week's theme is Movie Night, so the pro troupe is dancing to the theme from Gone With the Wind. It's pretty boring. I'd rather watch the movie, long as it is. I remember when I rented the VHS from the video store (ha ha remember when you rented VHS tapes, I am old) and it came on two cassettes. I spent like an entire day in my parents' basement, watching that movie. Oh, in other news, Julianne Hough is coming back to dance next week, and not coincidentally, to promote her new movie, Footloose.

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