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Season 13 Performance 2: Results

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Sibling Rivalry

Demi Lovato is on hand to perform "Skyscraper." I can't keep up with all these tween stars. I know that makes me old. I accept that about myself. She's also dancing while sitting down, which is just bad form. She's wearing a very pretty dress but it's kind of ruined by her wireless mic pack. There are some couples dancing around on ladders and stairs, and another reason that I know I'm old is that I'm worried they're going to get hurt. That looks dangerous!

And more results on the results show! Chynna and Tony were accused of playing it safe, and Chynna vowed to go all out in the future. Elisabetta kind of has man hands, doesn't she? Maybe I'm just jealous. Hope knows that she went a little too fast, but she thought she did okay. I just remembered that the jive is when Maks's last athletic partner, Misty May, got hurt. I'm shocked that the show didn't bring that up. So let's see where these three couples stand. Chynna and Tony and Hope and Maks are safe. Elisabetta and Val are in jeopardy.

So just as a refresher, the following three couples are in jeopardy: David and Kym, Elisabetta and Val, and Chaz and Lacey. Tom says that they are actually going to reveal the bottom two. Interesting. I wonder why? Guess who's not in the bottom two? Chaz and Lacey. So David and Kym and Elisabetta and Val are the bottom two. I guess they want the couple that doesn't leave to get more votes next week. I feel like being told your favorite is in the bottom two really inspires people to vote. So enough of my theorizing about the way this show works. Who's going home? Elisabetta and Val. Well. Will anyone really miss them? I won't. I'm sure the show is sad that they don't get to play up the Val/Maks brother thing anymore. But no one knew who she was, so she wasn't going to stay long unless she was really awesome, and she kind of wasn't. Her final speech is kind of boring because her English is not great. Val blames himself. Aw. He'll be back. No one looks that sad to see them go except Maks.

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