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Season 13 Performance 2: Results

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Sibling Rivalry

Then The Script performs their song "For the First Time" while Chelsie and Dmitry dance. It's nice to see those two again. I'm glad the show doesn't pretend they don't exist any more, as they do with Edyta and Alec. They bleep the song, which I don't understand, because I looked up the lyrics out of curiosity and there's no cursing (at least in the version I found). Weird. Maybe Nancy Grace's boob popped out again.

More results, this time from the highest-scoring couples. Mark totally lifted up Kristin's dress and checked out her butt. Gross. After judging, Kristin took some direction for Len and Bruno on her frame. She is really impressing me with her desire to learn and be critiqued and then put it to good use. Karina and JR got docked for their lift and for not doing a traditional jive. The grassy knoll part of me wonders if they did that on purpose to get people on JR's side against the judges because he's such a front-runner. Ricki is really grateful to Derek, and in their confessional, Derek can't add and I think Ricki was very, very close to popping out of the top of her dress. But I think it was a microphone, not her nipple. See, Nancy Grace? I can tell the difference. Anyway, all three of these couples are safe.

Before the commercial, there's a clip package where everyone talks about how the first results show really brought home that people will be leaving, and you never know who it will be. Most of the stars feel that their pros are really working them hard this week. Ha ha, wait until like week six. Shit gets real. You think you're working hard now? Week sixish is when you start paying. In sweat. Apologies to Debbie Allen.

A random dance troupe is on hand to do a tribute to Busby Berkeley. I am a sucker for this overhead stuff. I wish they had a swimming pool. I love when they do that synchronized stuff in a pool. I will be really happy if they also have fans made out of feathers. I think that's required. Oh, there are the fans. I called it. I enjoyed that spectacle. I don't always love these Stars of Dance performances, but that one fit the bill for me.

Brooke is backstage asking dumb questions to Rob, Nancy and Chaz. Rob says he's happy to be there. Nancy's shocked that they got an 8 from Len. Chaz thinks that his joints can hold up, and admits that he even feels better today after having a day off. So let's look back at last night with those three couples. Rob has no personality. I think that's my biggest problem with him. I don't hate him (as long as he's not a brat) and I don't love him. He's just there. Nancy claimed her quickstep would "burn it up." Um, I think you have to dance a little faster to even get a spark, Nance. After hearing the judges' comments, Chaz was actually pleasantly surprised by the scores. So where do these three couples stand? Rob and Cheryl and Nancy and Tristan are safe. Chaz and Lacey are in jeopardy.

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