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upper body needs more stability. Bruno liked the performance and thought Ralph sold it (no, he didn't). Carrie Ann thinks Ralph is back, and hopes he continues this way. Scores: Donny 10, Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, and Bruno 9. WTF, Len? It was definitely worth a 9, I think.

Last week, Hines got beat out by Romeo so he vows to unleash one of his silent attacks this week. Hines and Kym are getting help from Luca. Luca dances with Hines and shows him how to be aggressive in his tango, and Kym immediately notices the difference. I wish we could see more footage of the pros working with the stars. That's what I'm interested in. And then Jerome Bettis and Al Costa (Hines's former teammates) show up to rehearsal, ratcheting up the pressure, because you don't want to look like a fool in front of your boys.

If you could somehow combine Hines and Kirstie, you'd have the perfect dancers. Because technically, Hines does really well. His footwork is amazing. His posture is really good. He has musicality. But he doesn't seem connected to his partner or to the character, this week. He makes the same face throughout, and to me, it's the face of someone thinking, "And one and two and three and a four." He's got his lips sucked in and he barely looks at Kym. He does fine with the performance in the happier dances, but when he needs to be aggressive or assertive, he seems to turn inward. I realize the irony of that, since he's a football player and all.

Len thought some of it was dramatic, but then parts of it were too dainty. I think that was the music, not the choreography. Bruno liked the light and shade, and compares Hines to a panther. Carrie Ann loves how Hines takes command of the dance, but thought he was a little off-balance at times. Donny loves how Hines dances from his heart but uses his head. I really think this must play differently in the room. He felt a little small to me, but maybe it worked in person. Scores: Donny 9, Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, and Bruno 10. Hmm. I think it was worth a 9 but not a 10. It just needed a little something more.

Romeo and Chelsie got the first 10 of the season last week. They have the samba this week, and Shirley is there to help. And then Romeo is kind of sexing her up and you guys, she's Mark's MOM. That has to be kind of awkward. Especially because the next scene is of her shaking her boobs in Romeo's face. This explains a lot about how much Mark needs attention, doesn't it? Anyway, Romeo seems to get it, and plans to throw a samba party in his pants. I'm sure Shirely will be on the VIP list.

So, maybe I had high expectations for this routine, but I'm not buying it. Any time they are dancing together, I see no hip action from Romeo. He's just walking. And there's none of the samba bounce, either. When they break apart and he does a more modern move (did he do the Dougie at one point?), he looks good. But when they're in hold, it feels like a placeholder, like he was just waiting to get to the next part where he could bust a move on his own.

Bruno says that Romeo can definitely shake it, but he didn't get the samba bounce in there. Carrie Ann thinks Romeo has incredible potential, but he needs to work on his technique. Donny has seen Romeo grow throughout the season, but he needs to articulate his feet better. Len didn't like the dance much, because he didn't really do the samba. All of the judges mention that, at this point in the season, Romeo needs to up his game. Romeo looks a little stunned. I think he thought he did really well. Scores: Donnie 7, Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 8. That is bullshit. Way overscored. Donnie screwed up and put up the 8 paddle, but his official score was a 7.

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