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Last night, Ralph made a comeback and Romeo had...the opposite of that. So who will go home tonight? Let's find out... live! But not LIIIIIIIIIIIVE! Right off the bat, Tom throws to Len to find out which routine they would like to see again, and Len says that they want to see the team dance from Chelsea, Ralph and Romeo and partners.

Interesting that they chose this routine over the other team routine, since they got equal scores. Anyway, as many commenters in the forums pointed out, Mark is the only dude who is wearing white spats. Their outfits are otherwise identical. Because he's an asshole. Both Romeo and Ralph seem to do better tonight, relieved from the pressure of judging. Ralph still gets the crazy eyes when he hits poses, though. Am I the only one who sees this? It's like he looks fine while doing a move but when he hits any sort of position or pose he goes overly intense with his face and his eyes bug out a little and he's got this frozen rictus of a grin and it's creepy instead of joyful. Mark is overdancing, as usual, and he actually points to his dick while he does pelvic thrusts. I am seriously starting to think he is on something. Like maybe he has a little pick-me-up before hitting the dance floor? It would certainly explain the extra energy and the delusions of grandeur. I don't remember him being this bad in previous season. Note that this is just speculation, and he's probably on nothing stronger than Red Bull. I just have to amuse myself somehow, and I want there to be some explanation about why Mark has either turned into such a juicebox (it's the new d-bag) or let his juicebox ways come out.

Last night, Hines cursed at the end of their routine because he stepped on her skirt and nearly fell down. And yet he got a 10. Bruno is crazy. Kirstie got all screwed up during their routine because she got so into character that she forgot to dance. She apologized to Maks afterwards. I kind of wish they had chosen her for the encore, because I think that could have been a good routine. Then again, they don't want her to have a heart attack in the middle of the dance floor or something. Okay, so it's time for some results for these two couples. Hines and Kym are definitely safe. Kirstie and Maks are in jeopardy. They mess up the music cue, so Maks and Kirstie look a little confused.

Backstage, Brooke interviews Ralph, who has nothing interesting to say. Brooke asks Chelsea if she thinks they pushed it too far last night, and Chelsea says that they try to take a risk every week and be outrageous. Ooh, rage against the machine, Disney girl. Hines and Kirstie pop up. Brooke asks Hines if he has an advantage with next week's two dances because he's an athlete, and Hines says it's more mentally tough than physical. Kirstie mumbles something about hoping she gets to stay and Maks says something so nonsensical about being a witness that even Kirstie is like, "What are you talking about?"

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