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Last week, Wendy left, and in my opinion, wasn't very gracious about her partner, Tony. I don't even like Tony that much but she was over the top. This week is Classical Week, so the orchestra has doubled in size and we'll all be getting a lesson in culture. I'm actually kind of looking forward to this; I hate when they try to shoehorn a dance into a song that doesn't fit just because the song is popular. And it will all happen LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! Hey, Tom is back to saying that!

Tom and Brooke do the intro and the couples enter. After a clip package assuring us how difficult the task is for the couples this week, the pro troupe enters to demonstrate the various dances of the week, starting with the paso doble. They're accompanied by the orchestra and a rock and roll violinist. Look they said it, not me. I don't know what that means. Maybe he can play like the Devil in "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"? And have I mentioned what bullshit that song is? The Devil's song is WAY better than Johnny's song. The Devil should totally win. Anyway, there are these torches surrounding the stage with flames. I am just picturing someone's gown lighting on fire. On live television. Yikes. The rock and roll violinist needs a shave and a haircut.

Romeo and Chelsie will be first to perform. Romeo got some slightly negative feedback from Len last week, so he's ready to tear it up in the paso this week, or so he claims. Chelsie has trouble getting him to be aggressive enough in his movements, so they go play basketball? Because he played Division 1 college basketball? This is like when they go to Sea World to learn...something about dancing. Anyway, he makes this amazing two-thirds court shot, which I'm pretty sure wasn't faked. Was it? Am I just naïve? So he's definitely going to dance awesomely now! Because of the basketball.

They're dancing to that classical song that will make you think of diamond rings. I hate that advertisers have done this to beautiful pieces of music. Anyway, their beginning is a little rough. When they are in hold, it seems like Chelsie is dragging him around instead of the reverse. He hits the poses well, but the transitions aren't great. I think there's a lift at one point, but then Romeo turns it on for the ending. Chelsie falls to the floor and he jumps like ten feet in the air and pretends to stab her. It's amazing. If only he could have brought that intensity to the whole routine. He doesn't even help Chelsie up after, which bothers me. He kind of struts around without a shirt on like, "I'm a MAN." Judges? Len thought it was passionate and intense, but he needs to work on being precise. He tells Chelsie to get the whip out which seems a little racially awkward, but let's just pretend it didn't happen because it was surely unintentional. Bruno thinks the dance was amazing, and he only needs to work on his posture. Carrie Ann says she has to deduct for the lift, but she loved that Romeo had swagger while he was dancing. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 8, and Bruno 8.

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