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Tom and Brooke welcome us as all the couples stand behind them on the stage. Tom reminds us that last night, the couples had to tell a personal story through their dance, and it was "an emotional rollercoaster." As a result, the leaderboard got shaken up. Len gets to choose who he would like to see in an encore, and he chooses Hines and Kym's samba again. And before they even set foot on the floor, Tom tells them that they are safe. Well, that was quick.

Before they dance, we see a clip package of Hines and Kym last night, and they were both clearly delighted with how it went. Hines can't stop smiling. So let's see it again! You know what I dig about Hines? He gets it. He's a football player, but he's not constantly worried about looking too feminine, or what his teammates are going to see. He just goes out and has fun and dances. Good for him. And it's fun to watch.

More reviews of what happened last night. Sugar Ray was really fired up before he went out, but I didn't feel that the intensity translated well to his routine. Romeo was thinking about his late cousins, which was sad, but his dance was also kind of sad. So are these two gentleman safe or in jeopardy? Well, Sugar Ray and Anna are safe. And Romeo and Chelsie are also safe. Hmm. Does that mean Wendy is going home?

OneRepublic is on hand to sing "Good Life" and Lacey and Dmitry will be dancing. This is all I know about this group: they sang that song "Apologize" and my teenaged niece LOVED it. She kept singing it, and I had never heard it because I am old, and I thought the name of the song was "Topologize." Like topology? And I was very confused. Anyway, Lacey's hair has not improved since she was eliminated from the show. I really do not get that look. Maybe it's because I'm old. I should ask my niece what she thinks. The dancing is good, but it's very modern, and as I have mentioned may times, I watch this show for the ballroom and the Latin. It's very frantic, but Dmitry and Lacey have good chemistry.

Brooke's backstage doing dumb interviews with Wendy and Petra. Wendy says that she and Tony obviously have to go "back to the lab" and do some work. She obviously thinks the judges are nuts, and she is awesome. I don't get her. Does she watch the tapes? And she thinks that's good? She's got Kate Gosselin disease. Petra is gushing about how surprised she was at their high scores and whatever. She's very nice and sincere, but boring. Then Brooke talks to Maks and Kirstie about their fall. Maks repeats his tale of having a muscle weakness and emphasizes that it was all his fault. Brooke wants to go in-depth on it (and honestly, I wouldn't mind a little detail), but Maks and Kirstie are totally uncooperative. Maks has stated that he doesn't want to take all the attention away from Kirstie, not to mention the other couples who did great routines. But who is this Maks? Who doesn't want all the attention? That's new. It's really awkward because Brooke keeps asking them questions and they won't answer. Ugh. Couldn't a producer have prepped them or something? And if they wouldn't answer, just scrapped the whole segment?

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