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Season 12 Performance 10: Results

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Okay, so now it's down to two couples: Kirstie and Maks or Hines and Kym. It's got to be Hines, right? Kirstie's a bigger name, but Hines has got that sports fanbase. Although the demographics of this show are probably more aligned with Kirstie's fanbase. Could go either way. So who are the winners? Hines and Kym. Well, that was something. I mean, Chelsea was the best dancer, but she just didn't have much personality, and I think people vote for personality. And Steelers allegiance. And Hines just seemed like a nice guy. Whoa, Maks looks PISSED. I bet he wants to leave the show and wanted to go out with a win. Just my speculation. When Maks knows that the camera is on him, he smiles. He reminds everyone that this was his tenth season. Yeah, he's totally leaving. At least until he goes out in the off season to do whatever and realizes that this is a pretty good gig.

Anyway, Hines gets his trophy and Chelsea is one of the first to congratulate him. Hey, the show comes back on my birthday, September 19th! See you then!

Watching the winning pair show off their moves for Regis and Kelly.

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