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Kirstie and Maks are dancing next. Kirstie wants to do the cha cha because it's sentimental, since it was their first dance. Plus she wants to show that her dress is half the size she was in her first week, not to mention that she has more strength and technique. Just like I said last night, I kind of wish they would show the first version and then have them dance the new version. Anyway, Kristie looks amazing. She really does. She's not the best dancer, but I can see how people are inspired by her "journey" this season. And she looks like she's having a lot of fun out there, which goes far. When the dance ends, they cut to Mark and Chelsea watching. Chelsea is smiling and hooting, and Mark looks pissed off. I hate him. Bruno tells her that she's never been better. Carrie Ann thinks Kirstie is authentic and maybe a little magic. Len thinks Kirstie is resilient and has improved her weaknesses, and this was her best dance. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10. Of course. They don't want more accusations that tonight's scores changed the order of the finalists. I don't know what's going on with Kirstie's dress or underwear but she keeps grabbing at it like it's falling apart.

And finally, Hines and Kym. Ralph is sitting in the front row of the audience, still wearing his fedora. He can take that off now. Anyway, Hines and Kym are going to do their samba. Well chosen. Hines is moving and grooving , like always, and his hip action is great, but his feet are kind of terrible. Whatever, the judges will give them 10s. It's not like he's going to get better next week. After his routine, he runs over and kisses his mom and she shoos him away, which was hilarious. The crowd goes wild. Carrie Ann says that the crowd is right. Wait, why is Sarah Palin there? Is Bristol there? What is going on? Anyway, Carrie Ann is really impressed with Hines as a dancer and a person. Len thinks Hines brings every dance to life. Bruno calls Hines a charming dazzler and Mr. Irresistible. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10.

Sara Evans performs while the finalists stand on stage and images of their dances from the season play behind them. I'm glad when they switch from that view to just showing us the highlights themselves. Although I did watch this whole season, so I don't know that I need to see the highlights again. But whatever. They've got some time to kill. I get it.

So now they're going to eliminate one of the finalists. I seriously have no idea who is going to end up third. Anyway, that third place finisher is...Chelsea and Mark. Wow. I'm kind of shocked. I guess she just didn't have the fanbase, since she was definitely the best dancer. I really think that she would have finished higher with a different partner, though. I bet she would have won it with Derek, because his fanbase could make up for hers.

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