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The Go-Gos are going to play "We Got the Beat," and they rock for some old broads. The audience chose Maks, Lacey, Cheryl, and Chelsie to perform the routine. Why so many people? Was there a tie? Is it a group dance? The whole thing is weird. I would have rather that the three women danced without Maks, because those three together are hot.

Romeo is back to dance for "kids everywhere." Is Brooke making fun of him? I wish that she were, and not just reading off the prompter. Anyway, he and Chelsie dance to "The Greatest Love of All." Romeo doesn't give a shit about the kids, right? This is just what someone told him to say that he would sound good? I'm not even going to Google it or anything, because I'm sure he spends his days working for a children's charity and then I'll feel like a juicebox. Ooh, they brought out a kids' choir. He does know that he can't win at this point, doesn't he? In his post-dance interview, Romeo reveals that he doesn't have a kids' charity, so I'm a juicebox.

Let's review the past two weeks. Ralph hurt his knee but had to dance anyway, and then the next week, he got eliminated. And then Kym nearly broke her neck and the producers actually show restraint for once and don't show the incident again. Plus the finalists all did really well.

Ralph and Karina are back to do an encore of their quickstep from a few weeks ago. I think this was the week that Ralph was injured? In the beginning, when he's not in hold, Ralph looks better than he ever has. Once they go into hold, he stiffens up and doesn't look as good. And then he does a solo spot and it's once again better than he's done all season. I think he just can't dance in hold. He moves so gracefully when he's dancing alone. I know he's done some work on Broadway, but I hope this gets him some more, because he would be great in, like, a revival of Guys and Dolls or something.

The editors put together a sort-of rap number featuring comments from the judges. Okay, then. Tom interviews each of the finalists. Chelsea admits that she wants to win but that she's honored to be there with Kirstie and Hines. Kirstie will be revisiting a dance she did the first week, and she's looking forward to it. Hines says that he wants to join Emmitt Smith as the NFL dancing champion. Well, that killed a few minutes.

Finally, we are getting to the final dances. Mark and Chelsea go first. They have to revisit their favorite dance of the season and after a little discussion, they decide to revisit their Wizard Waltz, but put in more traditional movements so that Len will be pleased as well. In their final rehearsal, last night, they both start crying because they will miss the experience. So their waltz starts and my original opinion holds true: it's a cool routine, and fun to watch, but it still featured Mark a lot more than it featured Chelsea. I mean, she just stood there and waved her arms around (gracefully, I might add) while he did all the weird stunts and stuff. Len knows that sometimes his comments this season disappointed them, but Chelsea is a fantastic dancer. Bruno says they are all under her spell, and she's so consistent and proficient. Carrie Ann thinks that everyone knows who Chelsea is now, even if they didn't before. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10. They are psyched about Len's 10, because he so often held that back from them. But seriously, everyone is getting 10s tonight unless they really screw up.

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