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Season 12 Performance 10: Results

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Hines and Kym did an awesome quickstep, even though Len didn't love it. I kind of like on these recaps when they show the footage from the camera behind the judges, so you get to see what the judges see. That's interesting. I'd like to see a whole dance from that perspective sometime.

The Black Eyed Peas are here to sing "Don't Stop the Party." Man, they have a song formula and they just stick to it and it totally works, doesn't it? I don't mean that the songs are necessarily good; just that they are ubiquitous. The back-up dancers are doing the Mark/Chelsea light-up gloves thing. I mean, I know Mark didn't invent it AT ALL, just that it seems funny to see it the night after Mark used it in his freestyle. I actually like Fergie's outfit tonight. She looks like Judy Jetson. That whole song was... kind of boring. I kept expecting it to built to something and then nothing really happened. Snore.

This clip package (the first of many, I'm sure) is the judges talking about how awesome each of the finalists is and how crazy this season has been. Except none of the finalists are all that awesome, and the season hasn't been that crazy. The judges talk about how great Chelsea has been, but don't get into why she hasn't run away with the season -- because Mark sucks. Then they claim that Hines is the best football player the show's seen. I think he does have better technique than Emmitt but I thought Emmitt was more consistent. Kirstie gets into the character and overcomes adversity. They don't bring up how she always makes the same weird face. The judges add that there's no clear leader, mostly because there aren't any ringers this season. Which was interesting and a nice change, but also... kind of boring? Like I don't know that I've really seen a 10-worthy dance this season. The three finalists come out and stand on a platform. This is kind of like the Hunger Games. The movie's producers should take note of the set design.

There's a funny video clip with Mike Catherwood pretending to audition for the pro troupe. He's predictably awful, but I actually did chuckle a few times. And then he's dancing live with the pro troupe. Well, "dancing." Then Lacey comes out and finishes the routine with him. He mostly stands or kneels while Lacey dances around him. I wish his humor had been on display more, but I'm glad that I didn't have to watch him try to dance any more. He does have an amazing body, and he showcases it in a tight leotard. So that happened.

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