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Taio Cruz is on hand to sing "Dynamite." I love this song. I bought it after I heard it once on the radio and I sing and dance around the kitchen to make my babies laugh. I've got to get my exercise where I can these days. The pro dancers are Louis, Tony and Dmitry, dancing with Kym, Chelsie and someone else. Peta? Is she going to be a pro next season? I always love seeing Carrie Ann and Bruno rocking out at the judges' table. No Len to be seen, though. I want to see Bruno get out there and cut a rug.

John Legend is here to perform. Is there anywhere that dude hasn't performed lately? I think I saw him on Today and Sesame Street on the same day. Ooh, The Roots are there, too. Tony, Maks, Chelsie and Cheryl come out to dance. This song is not doing it for me. It's a little too preach-y and musically kind of boring. Like, I don't want to bop along to a song that tells me to lend a hand. I want a song to tell me we're going to put our hands up in the air sometimes.

Brooke is backstage with Jennifer, Kurt and Brandy. Jennifer gives her usual non-answer. Some of the people were on the forums speculating that Jennifer is on some painkillers due to her injuries, and now every time I see her, I just think she's high as a kite, whether that's true or not. It does explain how weird she acts at times. Anyway, Kurt admits that he was disappointed by his scores last night, because he was underscored, but he's just there to entertain. Brandy talks about the Maks/Carrie Ann fight, and says that she just tried to stay out of it.

They review what happened with Kurt and Anna last night. And he seriously killed that Instant Dance. He was so good! And yet he got three 8s. I don't get it. Kurt doesn't either. Jennifer was in pain last night, and I think it showed in her dance, but the judges didn't mention it. I don't think I appreciated the move Jennifer did in her rumba where she balanced her heel on Derek's shoulder and then did a split balanced only by that heel and one foot on the floor. That's amazing. And it was the first perfect score. I thought so, but was too lazy to check last night and figured that the show would have mentioned it if it were. They usually make a big deal out of things like that.

Results: Derek and Jennifer are safe, but Kurt and Anna are in jeopardy.

Brooke is backstage with Bristol and Mark, and Maks and Brandy. She asks Maks about the argument with Carrie Ann, and he says he wants to apologize to the fans, because he knows that they don't want to see the drama; they just want to see beautiful dancing, and he lost his cool. So that's all good, right? And then Brooke asks a good follow-up for once in her life, one that Maks had to know was coming: she asks if he has anything to say to Carrie Ann. Maks says that he thinks they should just do their jobs. So he didn't apologize to her. Which is bullshit. Even if he still thinks she was wrong (she wasn't), he should apologize for being a dick. He can say that he's sorry for continuing the argument without claiming to be wrong. Sigh. Oh, Maks. You make it so hard to love you.

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