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Season 11 Performance 6: Results

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The Hills Are Dead

Filler clip package about how much people want to win and how hard they are working. I'll shorthand it. They want it REALLY BAD. And they're working REALLY HARD. And they have THINGS to PROVE. The end.

And now the results for the top two: Brandy and Maks are safe. Brandy was clearly really scared, which is kind of dumb, because they're not going anywhere after last night's scores. Audrina and Tony are still in jeopardy. Audrina could be going home.

So the bottom three are up on stage to find out who's going home. And Kyle and Lacey are safe. Tom is quick to point out that Audrina and Tony and Jennifer and Derek are not necessarily the bottom two. And then they have to do that dumb thing where they ask the judges what they think. I was just noticing that they don't really do this any more. I guess they go to it when they have to kill some time. Bruno is shocked to see these people in jeopardy and heaps praise on Audrina. Carrie Ann says it would hurt if Jennifer went home this week. Len thinks it's ludicrous that these two are up for elimination, and he thinks it's unjust and nonsense. I can't believe that they didn't tease a shocking elimination, because one of these two going home is definitely a shock. So who's going home? Audrina and Tony. I guess those Hills fans weren't coming out in droves. Brooke asks Audrina what's going through her mind right now. HA! Like she has a mind. To her credit, Audrina is very gracious about thanking everyone right away, so she must have been a little prepared for this possibility. And then there's the clip package of fun times with Audrina and Tony, and then they do their final dance. Well, let's be honest. She wasn't going to win, but it's a shame that she didn't last longer than Bristol.

Check out an interview with Audrina and Tony following their surprising elimination.

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