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Season 11 Performance 6: Results

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So let's find out results for Kyle and Lacey, as well as Rick and Cheryl. So the next couple safe is...Rick and Cheryl. But Kyle and Lacey are in jeopardy. There's a weird pause after that's revealed, like they were expecting a bigger audience reaction.

Pointless filler this week -- let's hear what rock stars think about the show! They all say that you have to let it all hang out and stay focused and perform. This from Bret Michaels, Alice Cooper, and Dee Snider. Bret Michaels likes Brandy, Kyle, and Jennifer. Dee likes Rick Fox and Audrina. Alice Cooper likes Bristol and Kurt Warner. I wonder if they just flipped coins to see who had to endorse which star, because that was random.

Brooke just said a bunch of words regarding what we are going to see, but I didn't understand any of them. Some people are dancing, and there's a show choir, and also some kids playing in the band? I guess? And it's all to "School's Out." Ah, I get it now. The band is from that movie School of Rock. And the then the show choir is singing, "We Will Rock You." This is the biggest show choir of all time. There are about forty of them. So, that happened.

Let's follow up a performance with another performance and watch Kylie Minogue "sing" a "song." I guess dance music is probably appropriate for this show, but I'd rather see Heart do another number. Kylie has her own backup dancers, and they are extremely fit. I kind of love that Kylie mostly doesn't even pretend to be singing live. She just sings once in a while and then yells "Woo!" a few times while the backup track plays.

Brooke is backstage with the top two: Audrina and Tony, and Brandy and Maks. Audrina claims that she's frustrated, but you wouldn't know that she has the ability to feel human emotions. Brandy says that she's learning how to work under pressure. In the review of last night's dances, Audrina says that she wants to show her intensity and aggressiveness. Does she own a mirror? Maybe she has facial dysmorphic disorder, like she thinks she's showing an emotion but her face is blank. Audrina actually cries in the confessional. There's an emotion! She should practice that!

Tom goes to talk to Kristi Yamaguchi in the audience, because she's returning next week to be a team captain, and Apolo will be the other one. Captain of what, we don't know. But they are bringing lots of people back next week because it's the 200th episode. Afterwards, Brooke has a terrible reading from the monitor; she says, "Sounds like it's on" but she says it like you would say, "Please turn in your pencils at the end of the test." She's awful.

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