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This week, the dancers are performing in the round (which they kind of do every week -- it's not like the audience is usually just on one side like in a theater) and they're bringing back the concept of two scores which was USELESS last season. Seriously, just about everyone got the same score for both performance and technique, so why bother? They should do this earlier in the season when there are more stars that might be good performers with poor technique and vice versa. When they wait until the fourth week, they've usually already weeded out the people who are lacking in one category. Plus, it's not a bad idea, but the execution has been poor thus far. I want to see at least a two-point differential between the two scores for most of the couples, or it's bullshit.

Because it's acoustic week, everyone is wearing black and white, and the couples are coming out a runway instead of down stairs. It's kind of annoying that Tom and Brooke keep insisting that the audience is closer than ever when people have started and finished by sitting in people's laps before. How much closer could they be? Then there's a clip package about how difference the stage is for this episode. It's a smaller stage, and it's raised, so their footwork will be on display. Good! It should be. I guess it's kind of interesting that the pros will be more challenged. I'm reserving judgment until I see how it plays out.

I like it when they do this -- have the pros demonstrate what the dancers are supposed to look like Dmitry and Chelsie come out first to demonstrate the rumba. They are both beautiful dancers, but they're not even looking at each other, and this dance is supposed to be sex on wheels. I'm not feeling it, and these two have done pretty hot dances before. It looked pretty, though.

Kurt and Anna are up first this week. Kurt's storyline this week is, "I'm married and I'm worried what my wife is going to think about this sexy dance called the rumba." So Kurt's wife comes to visit, and man is she wearing a ton of makeup. And she is super stiff on camera. Anyway, she gives him permission to do the dance, because she understands that he's just playing a role. So that happened. So they start and you guys! Kurt's got hip action! He's actually swirling his hips around like a real dancer! His arm and leg extensions are pretty good too, although he still has pancake hands, and his actions need more fluidity in transition. The biggest thing is that he's kind of gingerly handling Anna when he needs to just grab her and whip her around. But I am really surprised at how well he danced. I feel like he keeps surprising me every week; maybe I just need to accept that he's decent.

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