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Then they do this actually interesting thing where they show what a week in the life of one of the stars on the show is like. The footage is all done POV style, with someone wearing a helmet cam, I guess? But it makes you feel like you are the one going to rehearsals, getting hair and makeup done, going out on the floor, getting judges, getting interviewed, etc. It's all very quick and while I normally hate filler, this one wasn't bad. Didn't learn anything new though.

Time for more results. The three couples in jeopardy are Bristol and Mark, Kurt and Anna, and The Situation and Karina. It really should be The Situation. He was awful. If it's Kurt, I'm going to be pissed. I wouldn't mind seeing Bristol leave, as I can't see her getting all that much better than she is right now. But there will be a commercial break first. I should have know they weren't announcing anything, since all of the safe couples weren't standing in the background.

Guess who's safe? Kurt and Anna. Woo! Woo hoo! So who's leaving? The Situation and Karina. Well. It was time. Everyone knew it. He hasn't danced a step for real this season. The Situation says that while he was angry last night, but he feels like he left it all out on the floor. Then he spouts a bunch of clich├ęs like "it is what it is" and "at the end of the day." Tom admits that he watched Jersey Shore for the first time this summer and immediately wanted to watch a marathon. I hear you, Tom. It's addictive. Then everyone says the word "situation" a million times and it's over.

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