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Brooke talks to Kyle and Lacey and Mark and Bristol backstage. Kyle and Lacey reveal that they have the foxtrot if they return next week, which makes yet another slow dance for them. Bummer. Bristol says that she thought the judges were a little harsh on her because she thinks she's improving as a dancer and performer. She actually doesn't sound totally awkward, so she's definitely improving as an interview question-answerer. Brooke is not improving as an interviewer, since she once again leaves the mike thrust into Bristol's face for a ten count after Bristol finishes her response, so Mark jumps in and babbles to save the moment from being completely awkward. Then Tom reminds us that last night, Len told Mark that he (Len) doesn't take his shirt off and expose himself. Not so fast, Dance Master. Turns out that Len did appear shirtless during one of the DanceCenter segments. And yikes! He is a hairy dude, but only from the biceps down. Creepy. So in your face, Len! You lied! Was anyone that worked up about it? Eh, any excuse to show DanceCenter footage, right?

Last night, Bristol worried that her role as spokesperson for teen abstinence might interfere with her rumba. And she should have been; it did seem kind of at odds. At the very least, they could have emphasized that she was playing a character. Look, I don't give a shit if she sleeps with the entire male population of Alaska or any other state, personally. But if she wants to pretend like she wasn't sleeping with Levi during their recent re-engagement/quick breakup, whatever. You know she was. Probably using birth control, but still. Anyway, they show the reaction backstage when Bristol's scores were announced, and Kurt and Maks were both stunned by the low scores. Watching it back, she was probably underscored by a point or two. Kyle talks about trying to be sexy as well, but at least he's not an abstinence advocate. Lacey wonders why he kissed her shoulder at the end, and blames it on his hormones. I'm a little sick of Lacey acting like she's so hot that of course Kyle wants to hump her. I mean, first of all, he's 19. He would hump a kitchen counter if no one was looking. And second of all, he is fairly famous in his own right; he could do better than stupid Lacey. She needs to calm down with her, "Oh, I'm so much older than this CHILD who is a whole THREE YEARS YOUNGER than me." Ugh. Hate her.

So what is the status of those two couples? Kyle and Lacey are safe. But Bristol and Mark are in jeopardy.

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