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More highlights from last night: Bristol was disappointed with her scores. The Situation was confident. Florence dedicated her song to her late husband, and then Corky practically made out with her. And Margaret Cho made the subtext into the text with her celebration of the gay.

Results! The Situation and Karina are safe. They're thrilled. Bristol and Mark are in jeopardy. Florence and Corky are safe. Ooh, y'all, I think Margaret and Louis are going home. They're still in jeopardy, and I thought Florence might go home instead. So now that she's safe, I've got a bad feeling.

Clip package about how emotional the process is every week. Wednesdays are a feeling of hope and a fresh start. This leads to frustration when you can't learn the dance quickly enough. Then the anxiety starts on Monday before the live show. The show ends, and you feel relieved, but then you have to come back the next night for the results. But then, if you are revealed to be safe, it's an enormous relief. But now you're, as Rick Fox says, back on the roller coaster and starting the whole journey over again.

So the four couples in jeopardy are Kyle and Lacey, Rick and Cheryl, Margaret and Louis, and Bristol and Mark. But you know who's safe? Kyle and Lacey. After a commercial break, we find out that Rick and Cheryl are also safe. I feel like this is a choice for the soul of America. Did America vote for gay or vote for abstinence? Not that you can't be both gay and abstinent. Or straight and non-abstinent. You know what I mean. Anyway, Margaret and Louis are going home. I am sad. I looked forward to seeing what Margaret did every week. Way more than boring old Florence or Kyle. I wished she could have stuck around for a few more weeks anyway. Sigh. Next week is going to be an acoustic week, and I don't really know what that means, but we'll find out on Monday!

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