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Kyle is dressed like a reject from the opening credits of Fresh Prince. Are they going to do The Carlton? They're dancing to "Tootsie Roll." And it's really entertaining, but I don't see that much of Kyle's fun personality. It's filled with content, and he seems exhausted and not smiling and goofy, like usual. But man, is there a lot of dancing in that routine. No awe-inspiring lifts, but there are flips and a really poorly-executed worm. It was fun and it was exactly what I expected. I did not expect Lacey to wear really high-waisted Daisy Dukes, though.

Len thought Kyle did what was comfortable and entertaining, and even though Len is "not a fan of the boogaloo dancing" (Thas raycess!), he liked it. Bruno says something nonsensical, but Carrie Ann, former Fly Girl, totally gets it, and she loved it. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 10. Aw. Good for them.

Mark chooses to do a Chicago-themed routine even though Bristol has never seen or heard of Chicago or seen a Broadway show. So rent the movie? Is that a crazy idea? Anyway, Bristol has her little meltdown where she talks about the haters and blah blee bloo, but then she gets her little bowler hat and she's into it!

So, okay. I really wanted this to be horrible. And it's not horrible. There's not a whole lot of dancing, though. She starts out in a jail cell/cage, and I give her credit for going all out. Then it's a lot of running around and playing tug-of-war with a long pink scarf and then they get tied up together and then she ties up Mark and throws him in jail. I mean, it fits the song, and the story of the show/movie, but I just wish there were more actual dancing. Bristol does show flashes of personality, and if you look back at her early routines, she has come a long way in terms of committing to the dance and showing some spunk instead of just being blank-faced. Of course, that should have happened in week three or four instead of the finale, because it's totally mental and has nothing to do with dancing ability. It's frustrating because she's not SO bad that you just laugh at her. She's not Kate Gosselin. But she shouldn't be in the finals. And yet, I was compelled to watch.

Bruno thinks she aimed high, but the song requires a lot of sexual tension and passion that didn't come through. Carrie Ann gives her credit for dancing in the cage at the beginning, but it's an iconic dance. Len says if you looked at her routine on its own, and didn't compare to the movie or stage production, it was fantastic. The thing is, it's not her fault. She has no idea that it's an iconic dance. Mark should feel like crap right now. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 8. Tom makes a funny going to commercial when he notes that Bruno asked if they need the cage after the show. The judges get a BIG KICK out of that.

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