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Their paso starts out really great and Jennifer does make some beautiful shapes. There seems to be a problem with a handhold near the halfway point and Jennifer seems a little thrown for a minute, but she gets back into it. But then the final third seems to be just Derek jumping around and twirling while Jennifer stand there and looks pretty. I get that this is supposed to be a bullfight and Derek is the bullfighter, but it seemed to crap out at the end. Regardless, I don't know how anyone could say that Jennifer isn't the best dancer of the three finalists. You can argue that the show isn't about awarding the best dancer with the trophy, but she is clearly the best dancer, even in routines like this one, which seemed a little light on content. I expect more from a finale.

Carrie Ann calls it "the meaning of redemption" and the two of them have a little perimenopausal moment. Len liked the mix of emotions, and he actually stands up and gives them a standing ovation. Wow. I've never seen Len do that, have I? Bruno does his usual dramatic interpretation of their routine and everyone laughs. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10. Bruno says that he wishes he had an 11. I wonder if people will end up voting for Kyle because they're sick of the perfect scores for not-so-perfect dances. Or maybe I'm the only one who thought that wasn't perfect. Jennifer gives Brooke multiple kisses on the shoulder. Seriously, I don't know what Jennifer is on for her "pain" but I want some.

What do some former contestants think about the freestyle? Apolo advises getting the audience so into it that what the judges say doesn't matter. Drew Lachey wants the dancers to be unique, which is easy for him to say, since he was on an early season. Then they talk about the lifts, and how dangerous and scary they can be, but they also make or break the dance. They show clips from Marie Osmond's Doll Dance, which was so horrible. I don't think I appreciated at the time how bizarre that whole thing was. You guys, she dressed up like a giant doll and then danced like a doll come to life. What happened? Why would Jonathan allow that to happen? Is that why he's so rarely on the show these days?

Kyle and Lacey are the first to do their freestyle. Lacey gives Kyle the accepted conventional wisdom that the couple with the best freestyle usually wins the competition. They are obviously doing an old-school hip-hop routine. Well, maybe not obviously, but if you had guessed what they would do, isn't that what you would have guessed? Wow, I don't even know where to start with the verb tenses in that sentence.

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