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This foxtrot appears to be much more traditional based on the costumes. It's freaking me out because the band is hidden behind a curtain and it makes the stage look totally different and really high school auditorium-ish. Anyway, I think I just don't like the foxtrot. It always feels too slow to me, somehow. Near the end, Kyle and Lacey break hold and that is easily the best part of the dance, and the only part where Kyle gets to show his famed personality and charisma. I liked that part. The rest of it was okay. Well done, but boring. Luckily, they came on strong at the end. Um, is Omarosa sitting with Kyle's family? And if so, why?

Len goes first and says that the foxtrot is very difficult to master, and this was a huge improvement over their first effort, even though it wasn't perfect. Bruno also compliments the improvement in technique. Carrie Ann thought that during the first half, Kyle was a little in his head and not performing as he usually does. I thought so too, Carrie Ann! You and me, girl. Backstage, I find it interesting that Mark and Bristol are sitting nowhere near one another. Hmm. Maybe Mark heard about the death threats. Oh, it's because the producers wanted a shot of Bristol and Jennifer together for the bumper to commercial. Sigh. And here I was hoping for a good conspiracy theory. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Kyle is psyched, probably because he knows that this was not his strongest routine.

Bristol and Mark are up next. Dear Lord, please spare me the rehearsal package where Bristol talks about how haters gonna hate, because I am so sick of it. Rise above, girl. It's the only way to live. Anyway, Bristol makes her case that she deserves to be there, but she doesn't need to make a case. She's there. Deal with it. Anyway, her Redemption Dance is the jive, which was her ill-fated gorilla dance. Bruno comes into rehearsals and tries to get Bristol to break out of her shell but all she does is giggle like a little girl. Look, the problem with her jive last time (other than the gorilla costumes, which weren't her fault) was that she blanked on the steps and doesn't have enough experience to get back into it after something like that. If she can remember the steps, I'm sure her technique will be fine. The jive seems like the easiest dance to do in terms of getting the technique down because it's the most like a regular dance anyone would do. I've seen my parents' friends jiving at weddings. There is the stamina part, which would be tough, but it's not like the Latin dances that feature completely unfamiliar movements and hip action, right?

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